How to Upgrade your Firmware on your Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone

First, determine what firmware version you are currently on.  To do this, click the “Menu” button on the phone. Then select “Setup”. Then select “Phone information”. This page will show the current firmware on the phone. As of November 2011, the current firmware version is HT11001.

If you need to upgrade your firmware, you can download the Iridium 9555 firmware upgrade tool by  clicking here.

You will need a USB data cable to perform the upgrade.  The upgrade process can take 20-30 minutes so make sure your computer and the Iridium 9555 are connected to external power during the upgrade so that the upgrade process is NOT interrupted once it begins.  Carefully follow the instructions on the PDF included with the upgrade tool.

Outfitter Satellite can perform the firmware upgrade for you for an $89 inspection charge plus shipping costs.

4 thoughts on “How to Upgrade your Firmware on your Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone

  1. hey
    can we download a program to update our irridium 9555 with a macbook?
    i can’t manage to do it…
    please help me!

    • I don’t believe there is a Mac version of the firmware upgrade tool. If you do not have access to a Windows machine, we can do the upgrade for you, but a small labor fee applies. If you want to do that, here is our RMA form, click here.

  2. Any idea what this firmware upgrade is supposed to address? Has a problem been identified or is it an added feature?

    Thank you

    • Hi John,

      Most Iridium firmware upgrades are subtle changes. This article just explains how to do the f/w upgrade not the motivation for it. Unless your phone is not performing as expected, you probably don’t need to do the upgrade.

      FYI: To answer your question. The Revision notes for HT11001 say it fixed the following bug: “Sidetone audio setting in HT10017. This sidetone setting only impacted part numbers IRID0115A and IRID0115B that were upgraded to or were shipped with firmware HT10017”. If you can get along without that, then skip it. 🙂