4 Incredible Places for Summer Wilderness Adventures

4 Incredible Places for Summer Wilderness Adventures


Summertime is a prime time of the year to get out and enjoy nature. It's especially true if you live somewhere with harsh winters. Being cooped up in your home for the whole season can have you going stir crazy! Fortunately, for the summer wilderness explorer, there are tons of incredible places around the world where you can go to experience nature in all its glory. Many locations offer guided tours and expeditions that will help you by supplying gear and knowledgeable guides to help you have fun and stay safe.

If you're looking to get out into the wild this summer, here are some suggestions of beautiful places to get away from civilization, and the satellite phone networks to rely on in each one.

Eastern Greenland

Even if you're tired of ice and snow, Greenland in the summer is a sight to see. If you find beauty in rugged mountains, pristine fjords, and crystal-blue ocean waters, you'll find eastern Greenland to be a remote Arctic paradise. Guided hiking and boating tours are available, and you can enjoy ice fishing, whale watching, and visits to Inuit settlements— and at night, you'll witness a spectacular display of the Northern Lights.

Iridium satellite phones are your best option in Greenland, as you'll be quite far north and the Iridium satellite network covers the Polar Regions.


The landscape of Greece was a huge inspiration to ancient Greek myths and legends, and its iconic terrain still fascinates visitors to this day. You can find numerous guided hiking tours that will take you everywhere from the island of Crete to the shadow of the famous Mount Olympus. The sailing is also fantastic, and for a change of pace you can visit classic Greek monuments like the Acropolis from a much better perspective than the typical tourist.

A Thuraya satellite phone would be a good choice for Greek travel.

The Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Namibia's Skeleton Coast runs along the northwest coast of this southern African country and borders the Kaokoveld desert. This remote destination is rich with incredible scenery and tons of wildlife including desert-adapted black rhinos, giraffes, and elephants, so make sure to bring your camera. The coast is also home to dozens of fascinating shipwrecks that are slowly being reclaimed by nature. If you love the idea of a stark desert getaway with luxurious accommodations and guided treks, add this one to your list.

Skeleton Coast Park is just on the edge of Thuraya's satellite service area, so to be sure of your coverage you should probably go with Iridium or Inmarsat.

Colorado, USA

This entire article could have easily been written about Colorado. There are over 3 and a half million acres of wilderness areas ripe for exploration in this incredibly diverse state. Enjoy mountains, deep canyons, trackless forests, and stunning wildlife with some of the best guided expedition groups in the world. And if you live in America, you don't need a passport! For something truly unique, consider a trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, to see the tallest sand dunes in North America and a feature that exists nowhere else on Earth: a sandy beach in the middle of the desert, on the banks of the Medano Creek.

Since Colorado is so mountainous, Iridium would be your best bet for a satellite phone as it has the most reliable network for areas of that type.


If this article has you excited about visiting the wilderness this summer, don't forget your satellite phone so you can stay safe and keep in touch. Buy or rent one from Outfitter Satellite, and also consider that you can even connect to the internet, upload pictures, and live-blog your journey with a satellite broadband connection through Inmarsat BGAN. Feel free to contact us with any questions as you plan your trip.

And then… it's time to go exploring!