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BEAM PotsDOCK 9555
Beam 9555 Potsdock with 9555 Installed

BEAM PotsDOCK 9555

BEAM docking station for Iridium 9555
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Part Number: BEAM-POTSDOCK-9555
Your Price: $950.00
**Requires Purchase of Handset with Service, Cables, and Antenna**
Availability: CUSTOM ORDER - Typically Ships Within 10 Business Days
The BEAM PotsDOCK 9555 is one of the most versatile docking stations available for the Iridium 9555 satellite phone.  Features include Bluetooth support, optional GPS tracking, and intelligent RJ-11 (POTS) connectivity.  The BEAM PotsDOCK 9555 is a lot more than a convenient place to store or charge your satellite phone.   Once installed in your vehicle, boat, airplane, or building, the BEAM PotsDOCK 9555 becomes an integrated part of your communication capability.  

GPS Features:  A built-in GPS module, lets the PotsDOCK send location reports or be tracked via SMS or SBD services (requires optional LeoTRAK tracking service).   The optional Dual-Mode Iridium-GPS antenna is available to support GPS features.

*NOTE:  Antenna and antenna cable sold separately.   Optional LeoTRAK-Online Tracking Service require activation of separate LeoTRAK-Online service and additional fees apply.  A built-in GPS feature provides the ability for tracking the docking station through a access-controlled web site. The BEAM RST702 dual-mode Iridium-GPS antenna (not included) is recommended for GPS tracking applications.

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