1. ASE ComCenter II - Indoor
ASE ComCenter II - Indoor
ASE-MC08 ComCenter II-Indoor (shown with optional Intelligent Handset, not included)

ASE ComCenter II - Indoor

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ASE-MC08 Comcenter II-Indoor
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The ComCenter II-Indoor is designed for in-building applications.  It provides voice and data services through the global Iridium satellite network.  It can be used with an analog phone (via its RJ11 port) or an optional Intelligent Handset.  A versatile Ethernet port (RJ45) allows IP-addressable network connectivity for global satellite data transfer and remote system control.  

Outfitter Satellite offers passive antenna kits and active antenna kits for the ComCenter II.  The active antenna kits require external power and have antenna cable options up to 105 meters in length.  The active antenna kits also include a filter and lightening arrestor.  The filter helps reduce noise coming from other RF antennas that may be located on the roof of a building.  

Please call us for more information on the ComCenter II-Indoors and to discuss your application.