Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro: 10 reasons to buy.

  1. IsatPhone PRO Deluxe Travel Kit includes the Inmarsat IsatPhone PRO Standard Kit plus a Pelican Case, custom foam insert, and Bluetooth headset.
  2. Low monthly fee cost relative to other satellite phones.
  3. Low cost prepaid service plans available: Purchase a prepaid voucher with 50 minutes valid for 90 days.**
  4. Make long duration calls from nearly anywhere except the polar caps. Call drops are very rare. Your friends with Iridium satellite phones will be very jealous.
  5. Before you buy an Inmarsat IsatPhone PRO, we also rent satellite phones.
  6. Use your Bluetooth Headset!
  7. Buy an IsatPhone PRO because you can talk up to 8 hours on a single charge!
  8. Stay safe while you are hiking! Text your location to friends.
  9. Receive short emails using only your IsatPhone PRO handset! You can reply too.
  10. Broadcast an emergency instantly by sending a message with your GPS-location to a personal broadcast list of up to 10 email or text addresses. Just dial a short code when you are in trouble!

Other popular optional accessories include solar chargers, magnetic-mount car antennas, marine docking stations and external mast antennas.

Are THERE ANY REASONS NOT to Buy an IsatPhone PRO?

  1. The data rate is pretty slow for internet access applications: The best effort speed is only 2400 bps. That is pretty slow even for light email applications. We recommend Inmarsat BGAN or FleetBroadband for broadband internet access.
  2. There is no coverage in the polar regions and if you are in mountainous areas, the Inmarsat satellites can be blocked by nearby peaks. We generally recommend Iridium phones for these areas.

** USF, taxes, and other fees are additional. The minutes refer to basic rate calls to public switched telephone numbers worldwide. Other types of calls can be at higher rates. Call for complete details on our service plans.