Can’t keep a Data connection with a Explorer 100

If you are getting a data connection on your BGAN Explorer 100 and then a few seconds later your connection is disconnected; you may have a virus that is attacking your system and broadband connection. The virus functions by collecting information from your pc and then transferring that information to a server. The Virus is called i/x/y/z-connect and you will know if you have the issue because there is a z-connect dial-up connection that is in the Network and Dial Up Connections. If you have this Dial up connection listed in your Network and Dial up connection then you have the virus. The Virus is bad for BGAN customers because the virus sends a lot of data very quickly. In 17 minutes the virus on one of our customer’s pc was able to upload 18 MB of data. Very quickly the cost would add up and could cost the customer hundreds if not thousands of dollars in data if left unchecked. If you find that you have this virus please call the Outfitter Satellite Tech Support Department and we would be happy to help you with this issue on your BGAN.