Does Your Remote Team Need Push-To-Talk?
When it comes to satellite communication, there are numerous benefits this system offers over traditional cell service and landlines. Unlike these traditional methods of communication which rely upon a network of earth-based structures, satellite communication systems utilize a network that is truly out of this world. The ability to communicate from almost anywhere on the globe and the reliability of the system makes satellite communication an ideal choice for remote teams. 

If you are operating a remote team that is scattered abroad, communication between team members can be critical. Without the right system in place, your communication can quickly become disjointed or difficult to manage. One of the best solutions for a remote team is a global push-to-talk service. This will allow for easy and instant communication between team members regardless of location and without the hassle of a traditional phone call. 

One of the best options for push-to-talk is found through an Iridium satellite phone. Iridium offers an outstanding global push-to-talk service. Read on to learn more about whether or not this might be the right solution for your remote team.

The Iridium Extreme PTT Handset

In order to access the global push-to-talk service that Iridium offers, you will need to obtain the Iridium Extreme PTT Handset. This handset offers a very similar look and functionality as the popular Iridium 9575 Extreme. However, the difference lies in this handset’s ability to allow for unlimited push-to-talk communications. In order for this communication system to work, other parties will also need to be operating Iridium Extreme PTT phones and all devices will need to be registered to the same talk group.

When Is This The Right Choice?

The Iridium Extreme PTT phone will be ideal for organizations who are looking for an affordable method of communication in remote regions. It will provide the ability to toggle between up to 15 different Talk Groups using the phone’s simple menu. Every subscriber will be able to utilize multiple Talk Groups, and a great benefit is that small and medium-sized talk groups will be free — except in the Middle East Region. 

Not only is this a great choice for affordability, the Extreme PTT phone is a great choice for those who also want the ability to switch to “telephony mode.” This will allow for SMS messaging and the ability to call public phone numbers. For remote teams that might be operating in harsh weather conditions, the Iridium Extreme PTT satellite phone is an excellent choice. The device is lightweight but extraordinarily rugged an is rated as an all-weather phone.

You can also utilize optional add-on equipment to ensure the ease of use. Choose docking stations for vehicles if you have a remote team that is dependent upon the use of convoys. Opt for a shoulder harness if you have remote teams that spend a large portion of their time on foot. You can also add-on a backpack solar panel for recharging the phone when in remote locations where conventional power is not an option.

Improving Communication With Remote Teams

Push-to-talk is an ideal communication method for remote teams that need to be able to talk to one another instantaneously. This can lead to improved communication amongst your team which can, in turn, improve the functionality of your organization. However, implementing the use of the Iridium push-to-talk network is only the stepping stone towards better communication. 

If you are looking to improve your remote team’s ability to communicate, implement the following methods as well.
  • Clear Guidelines: Start by ensuring every team member understands the basic guidelines around communication. Some of these regulations might include what needs to be communicated, how often those things should be communicated, and the methods for doing so. This can help prevent confusion surrounding expectations.
  • Hear Feedback: Team members who are in the field will have the best understanding of where communication breaks down. Make sure everyone is allowed to contribute to bettering your system by listening to feedback. This will lead to improved policies as well as a deeper buy-in mentality by team members.
  • Quality Equipment: Your team can only communicate as clearly as their equipment allows. As we discussed above, utilizing a premium product such as the Iridium Extreme PTT phone will give your team the best chance possible at clear communication. If you are utilizing outdated equipment with an alarming number of dead spots or a frequent failure in operation, it might be time to invest in an upgrade.
Taking the time to improve communication with your remote teams will be a worthy investment. When you have a team that operates on the go and in a variety of situations, there is nothing more important than clear and reliable communication. This can literally be the difference between life and death. 

If you haven’t focused on improving communication in your organization yet, take the time to do so today. Look for the weakest areas and find improvements for them. Assess your strengths and capitalize on them.

Start With An Investment In Push-To-Talk

Help your team out by investing in a quality push-to-talk solution. One of the reasons we carry Iridium Satellite Phones is because of their extreme durability, reliability, and easy functionality. If you are searching for the right solution for your remote team, we hope you will take the time to explore the options Iridium offers. You can also reach out to our team to learn more about a demonstration of this technology and the applications it can be utilized for. 

At Outfitter Satellite Phones, we have years of experience aiding teams in finding the right communication systems for their needs. Whether your team members are found trekking through the jungles or they are operating aircraft, we have the solutions you need to keep everyone connected no matter where their journey takes them. Improve the safety of your team with the right communication tools today. 

We look forward to helping you utilize the outstanding technology of satellite phones.