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Antenna Adapter
Antenna Adapter

Antenna Adapter

for Iridium GO! hotspot
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Iridium GO! Antenna Adapter
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If the view of the sky from the Iridium GO!® is obstructed by tall trees, buildings or other structures, an external antenna is necessary for good operation. The Antenna Adapter (9560 External RF Cable) is used to connect an external antenna to your Iridium GO!® device in order to achieve a 360° view of the horizon from the external antenna.  Here are some typical applications where an external antenna is needed:

  • Maritime & Fixed-Site Applications:  If you are using your Iridium GO!® below decks or inside a building, we offer a variety of mast antennas with 10, 20, and 30 meter antenna cables.  See RELATED ITEMS below.
  • Vehicular Applications:  Outfitter Satellite sells a number of low-profile permanent-mount and low-profile magnetic-mount antennas for land vehicle applications, click here.

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