FAQ of Iridium Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are not a new means of communication, by any means, but they are certainly something that has become more relevant as technology has improved, and phone designs have shifted. These phones that once looked clunky and outdated have since been replaced with models like the Iridium satellite phones that are compact and easy to transport.

Given the advances we’ve made and the unique functionality, it’s essential that we take some time to break down the questions that people have regarding these phones before they choose to make the investment. In today’s blog post, we’ll touch on some of the questions that we are frequently asked regarding satellite phones.

What is the Coverage Like?

Cell phones are the most common type of communication, and they function based on cell phone towers and the range that they have. This is one of the biggest downfalls of cell phones and the service that they provide. Satellite phones, on the other hand, have a little bit of a different method for their coverage. Since they get their coverage from a satellite rather than a cell phone tower, the coverage is a larger span of area — some that cell phone towers aren’t even able to cover yet.

Iridium phones specifically have a specific home area that they will function primarily in, but given that it the range is based on satellite functionality, the possibility to roam or travel long distances is entirely possible. If this is something that you’re going to be doing regularly, then it’s definitely worth figuring out when determining what your plan is because there is a chance that this could lead to long-distance rates.

Do I have Internet Access?

Access to the internet is something that just about anyone with a phone is going to want. Though it may not be the primary way that you’re going to use your Iridium phone, it could still be one of the significant features that you use. That being said, there are a few Iridium models that have the option of internet access as a part of the kit that you purchase.

If you do choose to add this feature on to your satellite phone, you will have access to the internet. This makes it possible for you to check your email and make standard searches. It’s not going to be the same as the data connection that cell phones have for people to use on their cell phones, but it’s enough to get the job done.

One thing that you should be very aware of is that any internet connection that you do get on your phone is going to be slower than your standard phone connection. In most cases, the internet that you receive will be a little bit slower than what dial-up internet offers. If you need internet that is faster than this standard speed, then you also have the option of investing in Inmarsat terminals that are designed to provide a faster connection via satellite systems.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

Battery power is another major component of choosing the right phone, and it’s no different when talking about satellite phones. Regardless of if you’re using this phone on a regular basis or you’re going to be using it on a trip that you’re taking, you want to be prepared for the battery power that you’re going to have on the phone.

Most Iridium phones have a battery power that lasts pretty long — usually 3.5 hours of talk time and roughly 19 hours of standby time. If you leave the phone off entirely and just use as needed, it’s possible for the battery to last as long as a week. Most of the time when you purchase or rent a phone you should receive a couple of additional batteries so that you can switch out when needed as well as a charging cable so that you can plug the device in and charge the battery.

Do I Have to Purchase My Satellite Phone?

When you’re getting ready to purchase a new cell phone you don’t really have the option of renting a phone — it’s either buy it straight out or add a monthly payment to your phone bill. However, that is not the case for satellite phones! You can enjoy all of these features without having to actually purchase a satellite phone outright.

That means that if you need these types of features for a trip that you’re going to be heading out on, then you can make the most of the features by only having to rent the phone for the time that you’re out and traveling, rather than having to purchase a phone on a whim.

Now, purchasing these satellite phones is an option that is available, and truth be told they’re very similarly priced to the cell phones that are available now. If you would benefit from these types of features on a routine basis, then it might be worth purchasing and using on a routine basis given that you can choose to use the phone when needed and pay for minutes as needed. Ultimately, you can figure out what is going to work best for you when it comes to deciding if you purchase or rent a satellite phone.

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