Finding gifts for the adventurer in your life present a unique set of challenges. Perhaps they love to go on long, far away hikes; or they are hunting in a remote wooded area; or they are setting out to sail on the open ocean. With some careful thought and preparation, acquiring the perfect gift for an adventurer is not only possible, but easy. Consider the following items when purchasing for an active traveler.

Outerwear and Footwear

Perhaps the easiest category to begin for the adventurer is outerwear. Consider the list below when choosing outerwear for an active individual:

  • Materials: Choose synthetic materials for their ability to wick away moisture rather than trap it like cotton materials
  • Pants or Shorts: While shorts are cooler and give mobility, pants offer warmth for changing climates in altitude changes and also provide protection from allergenic plants and low-to-ground vegetation.
  • Footwear: Boots provide extra strength to the ankles. Consider leather for its superior moisture wicking properties; also Goretex lining for cold or wet climates to keep feet dry
  • Rain Gear: A waterproof and breathable rain jacket is always a good option; also consider a poncho to be kept compactly packed and deployed when needed
  • Hats: Reducing glare and facial sunburns is simply by using a wide-rimmed hat made of a breathable material


  • Sunglasses: Eye protection from UV and low hanging vegetation is an important safety consideration but can also add a fun fashion statement
  • First Aid Kit: Having necessary supplies for an emergency could be a life-saving addition for any traveler
  • Waterproof container: A waterproof bag, especially for matches and or cell phones will keep necessary dry things dry in the event of inclement weather
  • Multi-tool: Whether its sawing a small branch or tightening a screw, a multi tool provides a great small addition with multitasking in mind
  • Trekking Pole: A quality trekking pole provides stability on rough terrain
  • Binoculars: Whether taking in vast mountain landscapes or watching whales from the side of a boat, binoculars bring the far away closer for enjoyment and safety


  • Helmet Cam: Sailors, hikers, and hunter alike can catch the perfect shot with a helmet- or headband-mounted, fish-eye camera like a GoPro
  • Multifunction watch: From compass features to timers, a multifunction watch is a compact tool with many uses
  • Multipurpose Bio Camp Stove:
  • A camp stove would seem like a one-purpose device; however, now multipurpose camp stoves can provide heat for cooking and convert power to charge USB devices

  • Satellite Phone: While away from cell towers, a satellite phone can provide an important safety net as well as provide an ability to keep in contact with friends and family through calls, texts, and emails

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After these considerations, finding gifts for the adventurer, hiker, sailor, or hunter is easy and thoughtful. Any one of these gifts are a cool addition to any gift list, especially for the active traveler.