There has been a lot of positive news for Globalstar recently.  In 2007, Globalstar announced major technical problems with its satellites.  Now, Globalstar has successfully built 24 new second generation satellites.  Of those 18 already have been launched and the remaining 8 are scheduled to be launched in February of 2013 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.   There was a technical problem with the rotors on a small number of the first 18 satellites, but Globalstar and Thales Alenia Space were able to resolve this issue by uploading new software.

Currently, in the continental U.S., Outfitter Satellite is observing roughly 75% call completion rates for Globalstar users.   It is expected that this rate could climb to around 95% when all 24 second generation satellites are launched and then eventually put into commercial service, probably by mid-2013.