Globalstar Rising

Globalstar announced major technical problems in early 2007. Since then it has been building its second generation satellites and at the current time has successfully launched 18 of the 24 second generation satellites that it built.

Globalstar quality of service is expected (not promised) to be improving by this summer.  Outfitter Satellite is currently offering a $39.99 per month Evolution II Airtime plan for Globalstar users that allows unlimited voice calling in the Globalstar USA home zone for a fixed $39.99/month fee, (see service contract for complete terms and conditions. Always on data service is not allowed.)  Currently we expect Globalstar to end its Evolution II Airtime promotion on March 31, 2012 because of the expected quality of service improvements coming this year.

Outfitter Satellite will be conducting its own independent tests in May 2012 when one of our staff drives from Tennessee to Washington state using a GSP-1700 in a car kit. We'll let you know how the tests go.

If Globalstar does restore its service to near the quality of service experienced prior to 2006, we expect many Globalstar customers to return to Globalstar.  The Globalstar GSP-1700 is an important reason. It is an extremely compact phone -- smaller than any satellite phone currently available with coverage in the western hemisphere.