Globalstar has launched a new Wi-Fi hotspot aimed at smart phone users. Globalstar executives expect the new Globalstar Sat-Fi to become the company's leading product. The reason for this is that Globalstar Sat-Fi gives the familiar smartphone access to the Globalstar satellite network when it is beyond the reach of conventional cellular services. Our Globalstar Sat-Fi review discusses some of the unique advantages of the Sat-Fi.  Phone calls and texting, rather than data applications like email, probably will be the primary function of the Sat-Fi. 

The Globalstar Sat-Fi needs external power and an external antenna. This makes it more suitable for fixed-site or maritime applications rather than personal use. By comparison, Iridium GO! is small, compact, and battery powered making it ideal for portable applications.

Sat-Fi has a much smaller coverage area than Iridium GO!. At rollout, Sat-Fi only will cover parts of the continental U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. Sat-Fi does not yet offer roaming service. By comparison, Iridium GO! offers global coverage.

This coverage limitation is not necessarily a serious disadvantage for Sat-Fi if you are, for example, a user with a remote lodge in the orange colored (primary coverage) parts of the Sat-Fi coverage map. Users choosing Globalstar Sat-Fi for maritime applications should consider the coverage map limitations carefully.

A Globalstar Sat-Fi review would not be complete without a discussion on available options. Sat-Fi comes standard with an external antenna and a 14-foot antenna cable. The customer can select from one of three antenna configurations: a magnetic patch antenna for vehicles, a marine-mount antenna, and a magnetic-mount helix antenna for building installations. If the customer needs a longer antenna cable, there are 32-foot, 47-foot, and 86-foot antenna cables options. For comparison, Iridium GO! has an optional antenna adapter and mast antenna, but there is additional cost.

Globalstar Sat-Fi Review: Feature Comparison

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