BGANs and Streaming IP Data

BGAN terminals offer a portable way to stay connected to the internet even in the most remote locations; however, you may have a need for a more powerful class of BGAN for distant communication—enter the new class 1 BGANs and streaming IP data. Depending on your use case, there are several different options to explore.

What It Means

Standard IP data connections over a BGAN device are considered “shared” connections, meaning that the connection is shared with other users which can affect the speed at which data can be transmitted. In normal web traffic, this is not normally a concern, but for video applications, a dedicated connection is more desirable. The Streaming IP connections are dedicated, and you decide what speed you wish to transmit and receive data.

Define the Usage

The expense involved with the hardware and service for a class 1 BGAN, specifically the Hughes 9211 or the Explorer 710, and HDR streaming IP data generally carve out a very specific use case. Generally, streaming IP data is reserved for broadcasting television signal, or is used for direct, real-time video communication, both from remote locations. Broadcast journalists can easily setup these portable units on location just about anywhere to stream broadcast-quality video anywhere on the globe. Technicians can stream detailed video for medical procedures or aircraft engine repair, where high definition is of utmost importance.

Pick Your Speed

The Explorer 710 and the Hughes 9211 are capable of utilizing BGAN HDR connection speeds. Full-Channel HDR service is capable of speeds up to 800 Kbps. But there are options beyond just the premium level. Half-channel HDR is capable of speeds up to 400 Kbps with a cost savings associated at that service level for those applications where higher transmission rate is unnecessary.

Pick Your Symmetry

HDR connections can also be divided into symmetric connections and asymmetric connections. Symmetric connections offer the same download and upload speed at the chose rate, meaning the BGAN transmits data at the same speed it receives it. For a cost savings, an asymmetric connection gives a higher transmission speed then receiving speed for applications where a high data transmission rate is more necessary than a fast receiving speed.

Things To Consider

  • Streaming IP connections are charged by the minute versus Standard IP connections which are charged by the megabyte
  • Transmission data rates, called “quality of service,” are guaranteed only on the “space-leg” of the transmission, meaning from the terminal to the satellite and back to the Inmarsat receiving station. Other transmission legs can degrade connection speed
  • Physical codecs (like Librestream or Stream Box) and software codecs are used to break the transmission into data sections and reassemble them on the receiving end
  • Latency, or the time it physically takes for the signal to complete circuit of 22,000 miles out to the satellite and back to the ground and across the internet to the end user, is minimized in HDR streaming data and can be handled easily by physical and software codecs.
  • Streaming is available for monthly and prepaid service plans, but must be specifically requested at activation; streaming service is not activated by default to protect end users from unwanted accidental usage.
  • Two terminals can be linked together (called muxing) to double transmission speeds for ultra high definition video applications
  • Only the Explorer 710 and Hughes 9211 are capable of HDR service.  Other Class 1 BGANs are capable of Streaming IP data, but are not able to support HDR.

Outfitter Satellite offers both the Explorer 710 and Hughes 9211 for purchase. Service rates for HDR and Streaming IP data are located on the prepaid and monthly service pages at our website.


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Experiencing the American Wilderness

Experiencing the American Wilderness

Experiencing the American Wilderness

Despite the continuous development in America, there is an enormous amount of untouched wilderness remaining, thanks to national parks and other conservation efforts. The continent-spanning size of the United States makes it home to multiple ecosystems. Mountains, deserts, grasslands and several types of forest can all be found in the contiguous 48 states.

Here are three of the best places to experience the deep wilderness as untouched as possible, in several different biomes. These places do have one major thing in common, though: they are truly remote and each has its dangers. Make sure you are fully prepared and can stay in touch with civilization by bringing a satellite phone with you.

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Countries with Satellite Phone Restrictions

Countries with Satellite Phone Restrictions

Countries with Satellite Phone Restrictions 

Whether you're a frequent world traveler or planning your first vacation to another country, it's important to know the laws of the land where you'll be visiting.  Failure to educate yourself could result in consequences ranging from confiscation of restricted items, fines, arrest and detainment.  

Satellite phones are an excellent investment for world travelers, but certain countries restrict their usage in various ways or ban them entirely.  Even if a country has ceased restrictions on satellite phones and now allows them, it can be helpful to know that a restriction was once in place, as local authorities may not know that the law has been overturned.

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How to enable the Wideye iSavi for use with Inmarsat BGAN SIM Cards

The Wideye iSavi terminal by AddValue was originally offered with the economical IsatHub service plans but lower performance.  Now, it is compatible with all of Outfitter Satellite's Inmarsat BGAN service plans.  In addition to supporting data speeds up to 384 kbps in Inmarsat BGAN mode, it supports both 32 kbps and 64 kbps streaming IP data.   This means that at 1.94 lbs, it is now the lightest and most portable terminal available for BGAN services for users needing basic email and broadband connectivity.  Learn more here.

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Firmware Upgrade Notifications

Effective August 25, 2016, some Inmarsat terminals may need a firmware upgrade.  Read the article to find out more.

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Should you rent Iridium or BGAN?

Most people rent Iridium satellite phones for a one-time need such as a hunting or vacation trip.  A satellite phone is especially relevant if you are traveling to a remote location like Alaska where cellular communication is unavailable.  Sometimes, it can be critical to make a phone call because of a health emergency.  Usually an Iridium 9555 handset is the best choice.  First, it is exceptionally easy to use.   Also, rentals as short as 7 days are available with no airtime commitment.  Some people need a more sophisticated product that can support email or web browsing.  In this case, we recommend the EXPLORER 510 BGAN terminal.  Read more here.

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New Russian BGAN coverage

As of July 12, 2016, Inmarsat created a new MEAS region covering the Middle East and Asia.  The new coverage region is outlined in red below.   Furthermore, Russian BGAN users operating on the MEAS satellite will use the SAS in Moscow that was built by Morviazsputnik.  The new SAS will route all MEAS traffic originating or terminating in Russia.  Inmarsat BGAN and FleetBroadband terminals inside Russian territories must select the MEAS region.  Because of technical issues with the terminal implementation, Inmarsat Aero terminals operating over Russia are not required to select the MEAS region.  Read more here
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Reducing Internet Usage on Macintosh Computers

As you might expect, reducing internet usage on Inmarsat BGAN terminals is critical to controlling your budget.   In order to achieve that you need to make changes to your Mac's configuration.  So, here are some simple changes to reduce unnecessary background programs.

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