The new Iridium 9575 EXTREME phone model was launched in late 2011. Outfitter Satellite initial experience with getting the battery seated was disappointing.  In many cases, we could not get the battery that came with the phone to lock at all. Apparently in order to achieve the IP65 rating, rubberized material was used to surround the seat where the battery is inserted.  It is a very tight fit so small variations in the battery can make a specific battery hard to seat in a specific phone. In several cases, even though the battery connected well enough to power up the phone, we found that simply touching the phone at certain places can cause the phone to turn off temporarily.  The main symptom of the battery problem is that the battery will not fully install and the phone will not power up without being held in place with external pressure. Some customers first notice this as an issue charging the phone.

Iridium placed battery installation instructions with the phone and a sticker on the battery that recommends that you push the battery in with your thumbs. Eventually, Iridium determined that the problem was due to misalignment of the battery casing during ultrasonic welding. The good news is that Iridium is working with the battery manufacturer to correct the problem in the future and is treating existing battery problems as a warranty issue.

OUR SOLUTION:   Our solution was to try different batteries.   We found that swapping the batteries between phones eventually allowed us to find a working battery for every phone.  Outfitter Satellite tests all the phones in this way before shipping them to our clients. If a customer experiences the battery problem, we recommend returning the battery for warranty replacement (during the first 12 month warrant period).

BENEFITS OF THE IRIDIUM 9575 EXTREME:   We don't just want to mention the battery seating problem that we believe will be resolved.   The Iridium 9575 EXTREME does have some very good points too. It has GPS features that let you see your position and easily share it with friends via text.   It also has a shielded "emergency button" feature that lets you initiate a GPS-enhanced text to one or more recipients to signal them that you are in trouble. The Iridium 9575 EXTREME was designed to survive in very bad weather — it can even stand up to jets of water sprayed at it (that is, it is IP65 rated).



Date 2/20/2012

We have just bought 5 of these phones and only 1 works!!! 1 works normally, 1 works when you push the batterty in and the others don’t work at all! dissappointed


Date 2/20/2012

Wow! i have just been given three of these and only one works normally to. remaining two units work when ones thumb is pressed hard into the back of the battery. not usable at all.

Outfitter Satellite

Date 2/20/2012

At Outfitter Satellite, we initially purchased a block of 20 of these phones. After some effort, we were able to make all but one of them work by taking the non-functional phones and swapping their batteries looking for a better fit. Even having done this, it can take some work to get one of the Iridium 9575 batteries into the phone sufficiently that it does not eventually disengage. The solution is to return the phones to your provider and ask them to get batteries that are verified to work before returning them to you.

Outfitter Satellite

Date 2/20/2012

Try inserting the battery and then (with both of your thumbs) press the battery into the phone -- starting at the base of the battery and then working up towards the middle. Be sure to NOT push on the battery so hard as to damage it, and use your thumbs but NEVER any kind of tool. Even if the battery appears to seat there are still a few things to look for: 1) We have noticed that sometimes the battery simply "pops" back out. You may find for example that the phone can be used for several hours but then the next day it is not working without repeating the battery insertion process as discussed above. 2) Even when the battery appears to seat, we have noticed that some (not all) Iridium 9575 EXTREME phones can be (permanently or temporarily) powered off when the battery is touch in a particular place. So after you get the battery seated, verify that it doesn't disengage when you gently squeeze the phone as if you were holding it to your ear, etc. At Outfitter Satellite we are carefully testing the Iridium 9575 EXTREME with a given battery prior to shipping it to our end customers. If the above procedure does not work, we recommend that you RMA the phone to your provider and tell them the batteries do not stay engaged in the phone without external pressure.


Date 3/24/2012

FREEZE the battery. WARM (Don't cook) the phone. INSERT the battery and allow temperatures to stabilize. The insertion-resistant rubber form SHOULD conform.

Outfitter Satellite

Date 3/26/2012

Your suggestion is an interesting thought. The problem is that some users actually would "cook" their phones. Early batches of the Iridium 9575 had more battery issues than more recent batches. Iridium recommends that battery issues be handled as a warranty replacement.

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