Why Choose Iridium Certus® for Satellite Internet?

Iridium has recently launched a broadband internet service called Iridium Certus.  Like the well know Iridium® satellite phones this new internet service is reliable worldwide, even in mountainous terrain.  The fastest Iridium Certus data speeds are through Iridium Certus 700 terminals like the Thales MissionLink 700 (land terminal) or Thales VesselLink 700 (maritime terminal).  These terminals offer speeds up to 704 kbps (download) and 352 kbps (upload) which is fast enough to support web browsing, email and even video.   On the other end of the performance scale, much smaller and lighter Iridium Certus 100 terminals like the Blue Sky Network SkyLink 5100 offer 88 kbps (download) and 22 kbps (upload).   Specialized terminals and service plans are available for the following applications:

  • Land vehicle 
  • Maritime
  • Fixed-site and emergency backup communications
  • Portable terminals

Voice Communications:   Iridium Certus terminals offer multiple voice lines with superb audio quality and low latency. These lines can be configured individually as Standard lines for receiving and making calls or Crew lines (for making outbound calls via prepaid scratch cards).   Standard lines can be configured with an Optional US Number for a small monthly charge. 

  • Thales MissionLink terminals have three voice lines. An RJ-14 phone port supports conventional POTS phone equipment. An optional SureLINK IP Handset is also available.  In our experience, most users choose to make voice calls via Wi-Fi from an iOS or Android smart phone.  Zoiper has a free phone app that works very well for this purpose.     
  • Iridium Certus 100 terminals offer 2 voice lines.  

Internet Communications:   An intuitive built-in firewall and data usage monitoring are included with your Outfitter Satellite service plan to help control your IP data usage budget.   Some service plans for selected Iridium Certus land terminals are shown below.  It is important to understand that these are not available for maritime use.