Iridium M2M – The Global Connectivity Solution for the Internet of Things

Iridium M2M – Global Connectivity for the IoT.

Businesses rely on data. No matter what industry, efficient transfer of information is vital to operations, analysis, and logistics. Today, more and more data is sent directly from one device to another through the use of integrated computers. This interconnectivity, the Internet of Things, opens up incredibly useful options. Vehicles and equipment can continuously report their GPS locations to a central hub. Infrastructure can be managed remotely. Safety conditions can be monitored automatically and fail-safes can be engaged. With connectivity between any object, you can imagine, greater possibilities open up for efficient, streamlined, safe, and profitable business operations.

The Internet of Things relies on a network for connectivity, just as any computer or phone does. It's not always possible to expand network infrastructure to needed areas, so many businesses using this technology have to work around limitations. The solution to this is satellite-based connectivity, which doesn't rely on terrestrial structures like cell phone towers.

Iridium M2M (Machine to Machine) utilizes the only truly global satellite network to make these connections between devices. When using the Iridium satellite network, there are no limits to the coverage area, giving businesses far more flexibility in their operations that rely on M2M communications. Iridium M2M provides superior connectivity between all needed devices, with low-latency data transmission resulting in near-instant delivery of important data from anywhere in the world.

Outfitter Satellite is proud to offer services for developing your own custom Iridium M2M solution. Iridium's ultra-light, compact transceivers are made to be built into OEM designs and are extremely versatile. As an authority in the area of satellite communications, Outfitter Satellite can create, customize, and deliver a complete M2M solution for your business built to the specifications you require.

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