1. IsatPhone 2 Marine Bundle
IsatPhone 2 Marine Bundle
Isatdock 2 Marine Bundle

IsatPhone 2 Marine Bundle

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IsatPhone 2, IsatDock2 Marine, IsatDock Mast Antenna
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The IsatPhone 2 is the second generation Inmarsat handheld satellite phone with improved weather resistance, an S.O.S. emergency button, and other GPS tracking features.   In order to use the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 while below decks, it needs to be paired with a docking station and an external mast antenna.   The IsatDock2 Marine by BEAM is a full-featured docking station for the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 handset.  It has a marine-grade protective enclosure to provide additional environmental protection against salt-spray for the Isatphone 2 while it is docked.  See-through press-buttons let you control the IsatPhone 2 keypad while docked.   The dock is key lockable and can be mounted vertically on the wall or at a desk.   The IsatDock2 Marine includes a privacy handset, a built-in speaker & microphone with mute button.  Voice calls over Bluetooth headsets are also supported.   A telephone port lets you integrate the docking station with conventional corded or cordless phones or PABX systems.

*Note:   Because various antenna cable lengths are available, the antenna cable must be purchased as an option for this kit.

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