Storing Your Satellite Phone Battery:

Satellite phones are often used under harsh temperature conditions and stored for extended periods of time. This can be stressful to your phone’s battery.  The following guidelines will result in maximum battery performance.

  1. Avoid excessive heat. Don’t store your battery in a vehicle or in an area that is vulnerable to becoming hot.

  2. Unlike older NiCad batteries that had “memory” and needed to be fully discharged, Li-ion batteries can be recharged at any charge level, and you should actually avoid letting them discharge below 20%.

  3. If you intend to store the satellite phone for more than two months, make sure that the Li-Ion battery has about 50% charge remaining and then put the battery in a resealable plastic bag in the refrigerator or other cool place. Place the phone and its other accessories in a cool dry place.  When you take the battery out of storage, be sure it is back to room temperature before exposing it to moist air. Remove any condensation before putting it back in the phone