Mobile Broadband Internet, Satellite SIM Cards, and Unexplored Places On Earth

Humans have been on this planet for a very long time. Since we’ve been living on Earth for so long, and human curiosity drives the desire to explore and learn, you’d think that most of the planet would have been traveled and explored. But that’s simply not the case. 

Compared to any other known planet in the universe, the Earth is hardly an alien planet. Still, there exist many parts of the Earth’s surface (and what lies beneath) that no one has seen, much less understood. Take the ocean floor, for example. Marine scientists agree that less than 5% of the ocean floor has been mapped and explored. Less than 5%! And when you consider that the ocean makes up roughly 70% of the planet’s total surface area, that’s a very large amount of unexplored and unseen space. 

What Do Our Mobile Broadband Internet Providers Have To Do With This? 

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In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at some still-unexplored places on Earth for your curiosity. 

(Mostly) Unexplored Places On The Planet

Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan

The Himalayas are the highest mountains in the world, and they offer one of the most hostile yet beautiful environments ever conceived by the Earth. While nearly everyone is familiar with Mount Everest — and the incredible dangers associated with embarking on such an ascent —  the world’s tallest mountain has been conquered, quite literally, thousands of times. 

There are more than a handful of Himalayan peaks that have been submitted many times despite the inherent high-altitude. Gangkhar Puensum is not one of them. 

This 7,570-meter peak (24,835 feet) is believed to be a place where deities and other spirits reside, according to Bhutan locals. Due to the relatively poor mapping of the mountain, explorers were unable to summit, much less even find the base of the mountain. Gangkhar Puenseum was closed in 1994 by the local government, so what’s on top will forever remain a mystery to explorers. 

Vale do Javari, Brazil

The Amazonian Rainforest, while sadly deforested at an alarming rate (coupled with recent wildfires), is incredibly massive and largely unexplored in certain areas. Vale do Javari is one of those areas of the Amazon that borders Peru. With no dry season, the constant threat of flooding, along with deadly animals and the sheer remoteness of the area, make it nearly impossible to explore without being too dangerous. 

Vale do Javari is also said to be inhabited by some 14 indigenous tribes who have absolutely zero contact with the outside world. So, while this area could be considered as “explored,” it’s hardly been touched by anyone else besides the people who originally resided there. 

Lake Vostok, Antarctica

Naturally, much of Antarctica is still unexplored due to its sheer vastness, remote location, and...well, cold and harsh climate. Lake Vostok isn’t just a lake; it’s a subglacial lake, and it also happens to be the world’s largest subglacial lake. This means that there’s actually unfrozen water beneath the surface of the ice that covers it, but the ice itself is some 3.7km thick. 

So, the waters of Lake Vostok haven’t seen the light of day or even contact with the Earth’s atmosphere for about 15 million years (or so scientists estimate). 

Hot water drilling is believed to contaminate the waters of Lake Vostok, so for the meantime, the lake remains unresearched. 

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