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In previous posts, we’ve taken the time to explore foundational concepts related to the world of satellite phones, satellite communication, and the like. Simply put, if you are looking for Inmarsat phones, Iridium satellite phones, Thuraya sat phones, or even Globalstar sat phones, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options and monthly plans. Check out our Buyer’s Guide for more detailed information regarding whether you should buy or rent, global coverage, internet access, and pricing.

Why Testimonials Matter To Us

While word-of-mouth recommendations will never become outdated as a form of commercial referral, online reviews and testimonials have become increasingly important over the past few years. Review platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, or even Urbanspoon do a fantastic job of seamlessly aggregating customer sentiment about a particular business. Be that business service or product-based, it’s easier than ever for in-market consumers to find businesses with noteworthy reputations.

At Outfitter Satellite, we have a passion for providing our customers and clients with world-class technical support. That support is available 24/7, even when our regular office is closed. A technician will typically respond within a two-hour window to ensure you get back on track with whatever service adjustment or question you might have.

Outfitter Satellite Testimonials

But rather than spend an entire post singing our own praises, we’d like to take the opportunity for our prospective customers to read what our current clients have to say about working with a satellite phone service provider like ours. Keep reading if you’d like to get the plain and simple truth from folks who were once in your shoes — searching for a reliable satellite phone company.

The Only Way I Could Stay In Touch With The Office Was With My Iridium Phone From Outfitter Satellite.”

"I have been blessed to hunt in some the world’s great wilderness. When I shot this Grizzly in Alaska we flew into a base camp on a lake on top of a mountain and hiked down into a valley salmon stream. The only way I could stay in touch with the office was with my Iridium phone from Outfitter Satellite." - Bill Snodgrass ("Remember The Hunt" TV Host)

Bill Snodgrass was the host of the television hunting show “Remember The Hunt.” Bill was in need of the best satellite phone for hunting, so he turned to us at Outfitter Satellite to get outfitted for his unique needs. We are so pleased he was able to remain connected with the outside world even while he was in the Alaskan wilderness. Thanks for your kind words, Bill, and happy hunting!

"Lisa Smith-Batchen and her crew used an Iridium Satellite Phone supplied by Outfitter Satellite during their recent 302 mile run from Las Vegas to the summit of Mt Whitney...an essential piece of equipment for our passage through Death Valley..." - Lisa Smith-Batchen

Honestly, we aren’t quite sure why anyone would elect to run 302 miles, irrespective of geography and environment. But when you factor in that Lisa and her crew were running through Death Valley in Southeastern California...that blows us away. No matter if you are running through Death Valley or need satcom services at the summit of Mt. Whitney, Outfitter Satellite has the affordable sat phone plans you are looking for. Thanks for your kind words and business, Lisa!

“Their Assistance Allowed The Scientific Team To Again Communicate With Students Not Only With Field Updates And Photos, But For A Live Webcast As Well.”

"Outfitter satellite has been our satellite phone provider for the past 2 years. Last year we were able to communicate with students back in the United States, send field journal updates and send daily photos from the field in Bolivia where scientists were studying one of the highest lakes on Earth (19,600 feet). This year, the folks at Outfitter Satellite provided us with 2 Nera World Communicator sat phones and a Talking Head videophone unit. Their assistance allowed the scientific team to again communicate with students not only with field updates and photos, but for a live webcast as well. Through using the satellite phones and videophone unit, students from a rural school in Northern California were able to talk personally with scientists in the field and ask them questions about their expedition. This webcast changed many students that day, and encouraged them to push their limits of knowledge. They observed real science as it was happening, from thousands of miles away! To offer this type of learning experience would have never happened if it weren't for the folks at Outfitter Satellite. Because of their hard work and dedication, students around the world participated in cutting edge science without leaving the safety of their classroom. Thank you!" - Brian Grigsby (Coordinator of Science Programs for Shasta County)

Brian, we are so pleased you’ve chosen to work with us. We help out our clients with a range of applications, but this is up there with our very favorites. The fact that students in California were able to communicate personally with scientists out in the field, in Bolivia, is so pleasing to hear. We are happy to be a part of the good work going on at the Science Programs for Shasta County!

“Outfitter Satellite Has Been Very Responsive To Our Needs”

"Outfitter Satellite has been very responsive to our needs and we deeply appreciate their support of TX5C and the ham community...This support will enable our French team to make video conference calls with two schools in France that are following the dxpedition to Clipperton that would not be possible without this sponsorship. We are also planning a webcam that will stream live images during the dxpedition, frequent uploads of new images from the island, as well as being able to watch the clusters and receive email so that we can be as responsive as we can to the needs of the dx community.” - Steve Hammer (K6SGH, webmaster and team member for TX5C, DXpedition to Clipperton Atoll)

If you need to video chat with someone from across the world while you are in a remote location, Outfitter Satellite has the variety of solutions for you. We are experienced when it comes to providing our clients with tailored solutions, as we did with Steve and his team. Thanks for working with us and taking the time to let us know how your experience has been, Steve!

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