The six-month Hurricane storm season begins June 1.  NOAA officials recently announced that they expect 8 to 13 named tropical storms.  They also expect 3 to 6 hurricanes with one or two having winds exceeding 110 miles per hour.

Are you prepared for a regional disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake?  This type of disaster could and often does disable land-based communication services.   Cellular and land-line services that are not knocked out are usually overloaded by people trying to contact their loved ones.

In recent years, satellite phone costs have plummeted due to competition, improved technology and a larger subscriber base.   This has made a satellite phone the emergency backup communications system of choice for most emergency response organizations.

Trade-In your used satellite phone

We accept the trade-in of a used satellite phone when you purchase a new satellite phone from us.  Even if you are missing some of the components, your old used satellite phone could be worth more than you know.  Currently, Outfitter Satellite offers trade-ins on Iridium 9505A, Iridium 9555, and IsatPhone handheld satellite phones.  Call for more information

* All prices, rates, terms and conditions in this article were accurate at the time the article was written.  All prices, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change.  We have a limited inventory of used satellite phones.  The offers on this page expire when that inventory is exhausted.    All sales require the activation of an airtime service plan through Outfitter Satellite.