Satellite Phones For Rent And Other Equipment To Rent For Your Upcoming Trip

So, you’ve signed up to embark on a mountaineering expedition. That’s quite the ambitious but respectable pursuit, and though you'll encounter many challenges along the way, an alpine adventure can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your entire life. Needless to say, however, it can also be one of the most dangerous experiences if you’re ill-prepared.

From physically conditioning yourself months in advance to attending backcountry safety and avalanche mitigation courses, there’s a lot that you’ll need to do in order to successfully prepare yourself for such a trip. Have you done your research into what you’ll need to stay safe and prepared when you’re out in some of the most remote and unforgiving places in the world?

Satellite Phones For Rent — Your Mountaineering Lifeline

While a guided exploration company often provides a lot of the following gear for a flat-rate cost, it’s worth your while to conduct thorough research about what you’ll be using for your upcoming expedition. Outfitter Satellite is your go-to source for satellite rental phones, and while we don’t sell or rent any of the following equipment, we strongly recommend looking into the following pieces of equipment.

Basic Equipment That You’ll Rent Or Use During An Adventure Tour


Avid mountaineers likely own a pair of two of their own crampons, but alpine novices might not have their own. Crampons are metal spikes that you attach to the bottom of boots to get enhanced traction in snowy or icy conditions, and they’re absolutely essential if you’re climbing in an area that’s even remotely snowy or icy.

A Harness

Though countless people hike mountains on well-established trails that don’t require any sort of roping in, steep mountains with a lot of exposure (in this case, a high risk of falling due to the steepness of the terrain) frequently necessitate the need for a rope and harness. Experienced climbers have their own harness or even multiple harnesses for different styles of climbing, but one-timers will have to rent their own independently or from a guided touring company.

Climbing Rope (And Lots Of It)

What good is a harness if there’s no rope threaded through it? Unless you rock climb or you have experience with previous mountaineering excursions, it’s doubtful that you own hundreds of feet of rope. If our selection of satellite phones for rent are your communication lifeline, rope is your literal lifeline that helps safely guide you up the mountain and navigate glacier fields with deep crevasses with confidence.

A Climbing Helmet

Your bike helmet simply won’t do on a hardcore trip like this. Again, unless you already have one of your own, you’ll need a sturdy climbing helmet from a reputable brand like Black Diamond or Petzl to help protect your noggin. Why? During steep pitches of mountain climbing, shards of rock, shale, and other loose debris can suddenly break off the face of a mountain and plummet toward you. Even climbers in your party above you can trigger loose debris to fall down on you, so having a strong helmet is absolutely essential for safe climbing.

(Anti) Avalanche Gear

Even if you’re climbing a mountain when it’s not winter, the possibility of triggering an avalanche is still very real when you’re spending time in high-elevation areas. Avalanches are a terrifying backcountry threat to explorers, and you’ll want to gear up in addition to taking “avi” safety courses. First and foremost, knowledge is power.

But having the right equipment on-hand can also save your life or even another person’s life in your climbing party. Typical avalanche gear includes a transceiver or beacon to help identify your location (if you’re buried in snow/avalanche debris), probes to help locate bodies, and a retractable, lightweight shovel to physically dig them out. Yes, this is morbid stuff, but these are the high stakes of big mountain climbing.

Though not always standard in an expedition, modern avalanche gear even includes a “float backpack” designed to inflate like an airbag to help you “ride” out the avalanche on the surface and prevent you from getting thrown underneath the surface.

Ice Axes

This is a hardcore but often essential piece of mountaineering equipment. The use of an ice axe is fairly obvious and straightforward, and unless you’re that avid of a mountaineer and you’ve purchased your own ice axe, this may be another piece of gear that you’ll need to rent depending on the nature of your expedition and the routes that you’ll be taking with your climbing party.

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