Satellite Phones in the Mountains

If you’re someone that loves spending time in the mountains, satellite phones are one of the best investments that you can make. These phones are a means of communication for all adventurers, but as someone that loves to get lost in the outdoors, it is an investment that you should seriously take into consideration. There are a few reasons that these phones are great for individuals who will spend a majority of their time in the mountains.

In today’s blog post, we’ll cover a few of the reasons that mountain lovers are starting to invest in these types of phones for their adventures.

High-Quality Coverage

Being out in the middle of nowhere is extremely enjoyable, but there are times where you’re going to need some high-quality phone coverage. Whether it’s for help that you need to call for or you’re looking to meet up with some friends, there's a chance that your cell phone provider won’t actually be able to provide you coverage in the location that you’ll be in.

Aside from this issue entirely falling on the cell phone providers — cell phones need to have a tower within a range that provides them with the signal needed to work. When we’re talking about the mountains, there are very few places that will have a tower close enough for there to be a range at all. So what can you do? Invest in a satellite phone.

Satellite phones provide you with a means of communication regardless of where you are. From the hikes you make up tall mountains to the times that you spend the day rock climbing, you never have to worry about service.

As someone that spends time in the middle of nowhere often, you should have a reliable form of communication at all points in time and a satellite phone can do that. Since these phones don’t use grounded towers to provide service, and they give a range from the power of a satellite system, you don’t have to worry about service dropping at any point. That’s one serious benefit if you ask us!

They Have Additional Features

Satellite phones weren’t designed with mountaineers in mind, but they certainly managed to provide them with all of the features that they need in one handheld device. Satellite phones offer a means of communication, yes, but that’s not all. Most of these handheld devices will also offer the ability to add on features or rent them for the time that you’re going to be renting the phone.

The benefit to this is that there are plenty of features that will be beneficial for someone that’s out in the wilderness. Some of the most prominent features that we find outdoor individuals enjoy are the SOS features, flashlights, GPS software, internet access, and more. That being said, all of these things are incredibly beneficial when you’re out exploring in the mountains, and there’s an emergency, you get lost, you need to search for something, or whatever it may be - you’re set!

These are all features that most cell phones have, but when you don’t have service to make the most of them, well you’re in a bad place, to say the least. Rather than let that ever be the case for you and the group that you’re traveling with — invest in a satellite phone and make sure that you’re always prepared for any situation that may come your way.

No Need to Drop Big Bucks

The mountain lifestyle is all about making the most of what you’re surrounded by, so buying an overpriced phone is one of the last things that you want to do. The good news is that satellite phones don’t require you to drop a ton of money in order to utilize them. In fact, one of the best things about satellite phones is the fact that you don’t have to purchase the phone at all!

Sure, you have the option of purchasing the phone if you’re someone that’s going to be using it on a regular basis, but if you’re only going to be taking it now and then during the summer or winter seasons, then you can totally opt for renting one. Outfitter Satellite offers a wide range of models for you to choose from so that you get all of the features and coverage that you need while you’re on the mountain — and you can rent or purchase them!

That being said, why wouldn’t you take advantage of these types of phones? Being able to get all of the features that you need while also having a guaranteed signal is almost too good to be true when you’re exploring in the mountains. Turning to this device is one of the best things that you’ll do for your adventurous self, so the very least you could do is look into it some more and see if it’s something that would work for your activities.

Turn to Outfitter Satellite

When you’re in need of high-quality satellite phones, you can always count on Outfitter Satellite to be there. We offer satellite phones for rent and for purchase and can help you find the exact handheld device to suit your needs. Make sure to browse all of the handheld devices that we offer and contact our team if you have any questions regarding the products that we offer. We are always happy to help.