Satellite Phones: The Solution for Emergencies


You are likely already familiar with the idea of using a satellite phone to keep connected during a natural disaster. However, there are additional situations you may not be aware of in which a satellite phone will be helpful. It's true that earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and other forces of nature could bring down the cell phone grid by destroying infrastructure such as cell towers, but it doesn't take an event of that magnitude to disrupt communications.

Any large-scale emergency can overload a cellular network and result in calls not getting through. Consider the phone calls frequently made during an emergency situation and imagine that multiplied by hundreds or even thousands of people. Examples:

  • People in and near the area call 911 during and shortly after the emergency.
  • Some people in the affected area call home to report that they're safe.
  • Groups of affected people who have been separated by the emergency call each other.
  • Friends and family call people in the affected area to check on them.
  • Calls are placed to find out what's going on.
  • And more.

Thinking about all the reasons people make phone calls during an emergency can make it easy to understand why any large-scale event can result in an overwhelming number of calls. It's human nature to want to check on your friends, inform family of your whereabouts, and more. However technology has its limits and such a high volume of calls can bring down a network, even if the cell towers themselves are untouched. It's happened before, during the September 11 attacks in New York City for example: the sheer number of calls clogged cellular networks and left terrified citizens unable to get through to their loved ones.

You can avoid a similar situation by purchasing a satellite phone. Emergency responders rely on satellite phones to communicate during disaster relief for the very reason that they can be relied on when cellular networks cannot, whether due to tower damage or network overload. Iridium is the brand and network of choice for emergency response due to its complete global coverage. For your own safety, and the peace of mind of your friends and family, we highly recommend you purchase an Iridium satellite phone.

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