The Necessity Of Backup Satellite Communication For Your Facility
When it comes to operating a critical facility, such as a hospital or emergency resource center, it is vitally important that you always have access to lines of communication. While your existing communication system will suffice during normal day-to-day operations, when disaster strikes the area, you need a backup system that can function regardless of what damage has been done to your current communication networks. In this case, satellite communication systems will be a game changer. 

With a satellite phone, you can continue to operate, regardless of what happens to existing communication networks. This can be critical for those who need your help and for you to be able to access necessary resources. There are an array of facilities that will benefit from a backup communication system including but not limited to hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, police stations, critical record storage facilities, and more.

If you are operating one of these critical facilities, you undoubtedly rely upon communication to ensure the smooth function of the organization. If this communication were to be cut off, it could be detrimental. Check out the following scenarios where backup satellite communication can be a key difference.

When Natural Disaster Strikes

One of the top reasons a critical facility will opt for a backup satellite communication system is due to the risk of natural disasters. When a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or other extreme event takes place, it can leave your facility without any means of communication. Traditional communication systems rely upon structures that are built on the earth. When these structures are damaged or destroyed, your communication system is completely cut off, leaving you without any means for touching base with the outside world.

Satellite communication, however, is not dependent upon terrestrial structures, which in turn means that it can continue to function after a natural disaster. This can be extremely beneficial to facilities that operate in regions prone to inclement weather or a high preponderance of earthquakes. By tapping into a satellite network, your facility will be able to call for help, update the outside world on your status, and continue operations as normally as possible even during a trepidatious situation.

When You Operate In A Region With Unreliable Service

Another scenario in which a backup satellite communication system can be the ideal choice is when you are operating a facility in a region with unreliable service. If you are located in a remote village or in a politically unstable region, having a backup system can be crucial to your safety and the well-being of those in your facility. Even if the existing communication network fails or is intentionally interrupted, you will be able to continue to reach out. This can be important for handling resource coordination, as well as in updating the outside world on the conditions of your operation.

Why You Should Invest In A Backup System Now

It can be easy to think that your facility is in a location where in-building emergency satellite phones are not a true necessity. However, think of it this way, would you operate a medical facility without a power backup? The answer is undoubtedly no. Almost every critical facility functions with a backup generator system in case the existing power system were to fail. No matter how reliable a power system might seem, it is always best to prepare for the worst case scenario.

In the same way, you should not be solely reliant upon existing communication networks. No matter how stable you believe your region’s network is, outside of satellite communications, all communication networks can be rendered useless if the structures they rely upon are damaged or removed. There are no guarantees and having a redundancy in your communication system will never hurt your facility.

The wisest plan is to start researching a backup satellite communication system before you ever need it. Prepare ahead by implementing this system and training your staff on the proper use of it, long prior to the necessity of use. Build an organizational plan that implements the use of satellite communication in the case of an emergency and failure in your current system.

Determine The Best Option For Your Facility

If you are ready to implement this life-saving measure for your critical facility, get started by determining what option will be best for your needs. Which system is best for you will depend upon the facility you operate, the location of your organization, and what use you will require. For example, Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Docking Stations are best utilized by buildings between 50°N and 50°S latitude. This will be the ideal choice for North American applications with low-cost monthly plans available. Conversely, Iridium Docking Stations allow for global coverage, which makes it a better choice for facilities operating in remote regions. You might also consider the need for backup internet, another option via satellite technology. This can allow for an even greater ability to reach out in the situation of an emergency.

If you are currently in the process of determining what backup communication system will be best for your facility, we encourage you to check out the following page for detailed information about the products we offer and their respective applications. Learn more here.

The Expertise Of Outfitter Satellite

At Outfitter Satellite our family-owned business has been operating since 1995. We are committed to the simple principle of providing every client with cutting-edge satellite phones paired with world-class technical support, available 24/7. If you have questions about how a backup in-building satellite communication system could help your critical facility, we invite you to reach out to learn more from our team. We will be happy to help you walk through the benefits of a satellite communication system and the pros and cons of each product we offer.

From finding the right satellite phone plans to assisting you in the operation of your new device, we have the expertise needed to ensure you receive exactly what you need to keep your facility safe and secure, no matter the circumstances. Keep connected with the world around you, regardless of your location or situation.