Top Activities in the United States to Do Where You’ll Need a Satellite Phone: Climbing 14’ers

Most of us spend our days surrounded by machines, whether you have a desk job and spend all day staring at your computer, or you work in the field and run heavy equipment. It’s a fact of life that one truly cannot escape modern machines and technology unless you do choose to live off the grid. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t want to give up our modern conveniences, from turning on the faucet every day and being greeted by warm water to jumping in the car and visiting your grandmother who lives 15 miles away.

That being said, most of us still want to escape every now and then and get back to nature. We all have our favorite ways to do so, from camping to hiking and mountain biking. Some like to really escape and go where few others go (including where few cell phone towers go) and climb 14’ers. If you are thinking about taking on a mountain that hovers over 14,000 feet above sea level, then you will need a satellite phone or a rental satellite phone by Outfitter Satellite Phones, a satellite phone store. Continue reading below for another installment in our continuing blog series on the top activities to do in the United States where you will need a satellite phone to learn more information on climbing fourteeners with a rental satellite phone. Visit us online today to get started!


Climbing 14’ers

Many people mistakenly think that because mountains are tall that cell phone service is a given. However, as Outfitters Satellite Phones, the maker of the best satellite phones, noted above, cell phone service is reliant upon cell phone towers, which are not placed on the top of tall mountains.

If you are looking to start conquering fourteeners (there are 96 total in the United States, all west of the Mississippi River), then you will most definitely need a satellite phone. As many people know, the weather on mountains can change in an instant, and what was once a perfect sky-blue day, could become a swirling snowstorm in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, it is easy to lose your footing and take a tumble, which might then require a rescue or an evacuation off the mountain.

A satellite phone by Outfitter Satellite Phones is an absolute necessity if you decide to begin climbing fourteeners. The state of Colorado has the most number of fourteeners, with 53, with Alaska in second place with 29. One of the benefits of satellite phones is that no matter which fourteener you do decide to climb, your satellite phone will work. You could even climb multiple fourteeners in a week with our satellite phones by your side.

Outfitter Satellite Phones recommends our ACR Bivy® Stick which is one of the smallest satellite messengers available. Since the Bivy Stick only weighs 100 grams, you won’t be adding a lot of extra baggage to your already packed mountain bag. The Bivy Stick can automatically send your location to friends via an easy-to-use social media type site. You can also text them using your smart phone and an app. Finally, in an emergency, the Bivy Stick includes an SOS button to communicate to notify Global Rescue of your emergency and your position. Order or rent your Bivy Stick today!


Humans love to set goals and accomplish them, from career goals to life goals and skill goals. Some aspire to play at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. Others aspire to be CEO of a fortune 500 company. And still others want to climb fourteeners, or even Mount Everest.

There is an allure — a majesty if you will — of reaching the top of something. It’s like playing King of the Hill when you were a child, when you tried to be the one at the top, only much better. Many people love climbing mountains for the pure challenge of conquering it, although the mountain could probably care less.

It’s important to tame your excitement, to hedge your bets, and to always be prepared by either renting a satellite phone or purchasing one from Outfitter Satellite Phones, the best satellite phone store. By choosing a rental satellite phone, you not only have a great, reliable phone with you that is designed to go where you go and work wherever you are at, but you also have the opportunity to try out the amazing coverage and service that a satellite phone offers before you invest in one. You will get a feel for what you like and don’t like about the features of your rental satellite phone and gain an understanding of how one actually works.

We offer prepaid reloads, as well as urgent reloads should you need it. For select offers, we have a free two-day delivery on our rental satellite phone, as well as some satellite phone purchases. We offer the best brands, from Iridium, Inmarstat, and Thuraya. If you need help, one of our friendly customer care associates is available. We have years of experience helping customers narrow down their satellite phone choices based on their intended and upcoming uses. As if that was not enough, we also offer satellite mobile broadband internet solutions in case you were planning to stay a while and need internet service. Don’t let a little old mountaintop stop you from living. Visit us online today, and see for yourself the advantage a satellite phone offers!