Top Activities in the United States to Do Where You’ll Need a Satellite Phone: Fishing

Fishing is an amazing sport — and we here at Outfitter Satellite, the best satellite phone store, believe that fishing is indeed a sport since it involves physical exertion and skill in order to succeed. After all, most of us don’t just go out, throw our line in the water, and a fish appears on the end of it. Fishing can be work, but fishing is also insanely fun. From the beautiful fish that can be the color of the rainbow that you do catch to the quality time that you spend with loved ones, fishing is exciting.

Many people love fly fishing in exotic locales, which only adds to the fun, mystique, and ambiance of the whole experience. Some people love to fly fish and will trek up whole mountains to do so in order to find the perfect, hidden stream. Others love to find ponds that are small and quaint. Still others love deep-sea fishing, being on the ocean with the spray in their face imbibes their souls.

No matter what exotic locale you decide to go fishing at, there is no doubt you will need a satellite phone. Unlike some of the other activities we’ve covered so far in this ongoing blog series, fishing itself is not inherently dangerous. However, the danger is in the fact that some of the best fishing holes are in the middle of nowhere, miles from civilization with no one around, and if an accident were to happen, you’d need help right away.

Outfitter Satellite Phones will continue our look at the top activities in the United States to do where you’ll need a satellite phone by looking at fishing. Visit our website today to get started!



Since the dawn of time, humans have fished. Fishing was relatively easy to do once nets were invented thousands of years ago, and fish were plentiful, offering up a great source of food for early humans. Once boats become the norm and fishermen realized that they could catch more fish and catch a better variety of fish out on the open waters, boats became integral to fishermen and their jobs.

However, boats go out on the water, which can be unpredictable, especially if you are on a major river or out on the ocean. One storm would be all that it would take to overturn a boat and drown fishermen who historically couldn’t swim. Fishing was so inherently risky, in fact, that it would be classified as a dangerous job today. Still, people braved the water to feed their families.

Nowadays, many commercial fishermen make use of satellite phones when they are out at sea, especially if they will be gone for a while. There are particular industries, (crab fishermen, for example) who are normally out on seas that have no cell phone service at all (after all, installing cell phone towers, which is what cell phones rely on in order to function properly, aren’t exactly viable in the middle of the ocean), that could not do their jobs without satellite phones.

Outfitter Satellite Phones takes pride in offering satellite phones to fishermen who risk their lives in rough conditions in order to continue to provide us with fresh fish to eat. Fish is not only high in protein, but it is also high in healthy fats, which is vital for our health. Furthermore, fish is just plain good and adds variety to our diets. 

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For the casual and weekend adventurer, Outfitter Satellite Phones offers the Inmarsat GSPS (or Global Satellite Phone Service) that provides you with satellite phone service and GSPS. It also has a personal assistance button that can transmit your last GPS location to your preset emergency contact should something happen to you, which works well while out on the open waters. This phone also has a personal tracking feature that automatically tracks your GPS location. In order to use this phone, you do need an open field to the sky or an open body of water, making it perfect for marine use.


Fishing is so much more that just fun. Fishing promotes relaxation, as you enjoy being outside, soaking up the sun’s rays, and watching the dragonflies flit by. Fishing keeps you fit, as you hike around, searching for the perfect fishing spot you want to spend the day at. Fishing connects you to the environment and promotes self-reliance, as you enjoy being able to catch your own meal for the day. 

Fishing teaches patience, as you sit and wait for the fish to take your bait. Your stress levels will go down as will your blood pressure. Fishing with family is perhaps the best benefit of all, as you get to pass on your skills to the next generation, spend quality time together, and learn about the wonder of nature all around you. Fishing offers you time to contemplate your life, your next career move, or just to mediate and forget about all of the pressures and expectations of the outside world. Fishing is a sport that all can participate in, no matter your age, and fishing is amazing.

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