Top Activities in the United States to Do Where You’ll Need a Satellite Phone: Snowmobiling

For anyone who loves the snow, there is perhaps nothing quite as fun or as amazing as snowmobiling. Basically, snowmobiling is like riding ATVs but on the snow, and it can be an amazing time full of picturesque snow scenes, untouched blankets of snow and landscapes, and a full family time that few get to experience. Due to the fact that you need snow to ride on, snowmobiling is just a little harder to come by, the season is shorter, and thus less people partake in this amazing sport. However, snowmobiling is definitely worth your time. From the pristine mountain photos you will get to the incredible jumps you get to do, snowmobiling should be on everyone’s bucket list.

That being said, due to many factors, such as remote mountain locations and the snow, cell phone service is hard to come by. That’s why Outfitter Satellite Phones recommends that you have a satellite phone or a rental satellite phone when you go snowmobiling. If a sudden snow storm hits or an avalanche strikes, you need to be able to reach emergency personnel in a hurry. In our continuing series of the top activities to do in the United States where you’ll need a satellite phone, we’ll take a look at snowmobiling. Visit us online today to see all of the best satellite phones, rental satellite phones, and satellite phone SIM cards!



Humans have always struggled to travel by snow. It’s easy to sink down into the snow, and it takes a lot of effort to lift your feet up out of the snow once you do sink. Yet, in the early days of America, there was no other choice. Snowshoes were invented and then skis, both with the idea of creating more surface area and a slick surface on which to glide over the snow and stay on top of the snow, rather than sink down.

The amazing thing is that airplanes flew before motorized travel by snow came into existence. The first known snow machine that went on top of the snow didn’t come about until 1909 with Bombardier being credited with creating the first oversnow vehicle in 1922. In 1937, Bombardier added tracks to his vehicle and opened his first shop to sell snowmobiles in 1942. Innovations continue to be made, with a two-person snow machine being launched in 1959. As snowmobiles grew in popularity, a kids’ sled was launched in 1972. The desire for speed takes over as snowmobile companies compete to design the fastest sled that will go more places. Snow bikes became popular in the 2000s, which is basically a motorcycle on skis and the modern snowmobile era has come to fruition.

Outfitter Satellite is passionate about helping you to feel safe while you are out adventuring, including while you are out on the trails snowmobiling. We do this by providing the best SatPhone Rentals and the best satellite phones for purchase anywhere. We offer the best brands, including Iridium satellite phones that are built for the elements and that have a global reach. 

One of the reasons why Iridium continues to be the top name in the satellite phone business is because it uses a sophisticated system of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites in polar orbits that are only about 781 km above the earth with multiple points of redundancy. This allows these phones to be used in extremely mountainous terrain, such as the terrain that you may find yourself in while snowmobiling. Because Iridium’s satellites are so close to the earth, the call latency (which is the delay or lag time from the time you dial to the time the phone call is transmitted to the receiving line) is almost imperceptible, especially when compared to the call latency experiences by Inmarsat or Thuraya satellite networks. Another innovation that makes Iridium stand out from the crowd is its innovative call switching in space instead of on earth. This makes the call path completely unaffected by local weather conditions on earth, which makes the call time that much faster.

Outfitter Satellite offers SatPhone rentals as well for those who just need a satellite phone for a short trip snowmobiling in the mountains. We offer the Iridium Extreme Rental that has GPS tracking that can automatically transmit your GPS position to any text or email address, which is great in case of an emergency situation while out on the snow. Like all Iridium phones, you’ll receive global coverage, even in the most mountainous terrain. If you are just choosing to escape into the mountains for a bit, we offer Iridium GO! Hotspot Rentals that will give you easy texting and phone call functionality as you travel.


Many people say that once they get on a snowmobile, they will never ski or snowboard again. Winter sports are fun, especially if you love the snow. Not only do you get physical exercise, but you get to experience nature in winter, which its stark beauty can be mesmerizing. By snowmobiling, you get to go up mountains that during the summer would be impossible because they are so steep. You can make trails through forests. You can ride all day from town to town. You can leisure ride on compact trails. You can snowmobile up to a location, and then do other activities for the day. In fact, those that live in snow-covered lands the majority of the time, such as Alaska and those in Scandinavia, primarily do use snowmobilies as a mode of transportation.

In the United States, there are absolutely gorgeous places to snowmobile. West Yellowstone, Montana, consistently ranks as one of the top snowmobiling destinations. It has miles of trails, and with Yellowstone National Park close by, you can take a snowmobile tour to see Old Faithful in the winter, as well as all of the other hot springs and geysers that abound. Nearby, you can explore Bridger-Teton National Forest, as well as Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is not only a great place to ride snowmobiles, but it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, especially in the winter. Many places in the Rocky Mountains make our list, including Steamboat Springs in Colorado and Priest Lake in Idaho.

While the snow is majestic, serene, and awe-inspiring, it can be incredibly easy to take a wrong turn and end up lost in a white landscape with few landmarks to guide you back. When you invest in a satellite phone or a satellite phone rental by Outfitters Satellite, you can rest assured that while you are out having a high-adventure doing donuts on your snowmobile that you will be covered in the event of an emergency. Outfitter Satellite is known for our incredible customer service, including our 24-hour technical support and emergency reload services. If you need your satellite phone serviced, we offer free warranty repairs, as well as low-cost non-warranty repairs. Should you want to trade in your older satellite phone for a newer model, we offer an equipment trade-in program.

With our two-day delivery on all rentals and our technical support that is unrivaled, you can be assured that you will be safe and secure on your next snowmobiling adventure. Visit our website today to see all of our satellite phone offerings and accessories, including satellite phone SIM cards. Order today!