Top Activities in the United States to Do Where You’ll Need a Satellite Phone: Trekking Through Dense Woods

Many people have a misconception about satellite phones. That’s because in the beginning of satellite phone use and technology, satellite phone service was outrageously expensive. Hence, the thought that only well-to-do people could afford satellite phones was ingrained in our mindset (remember that it wasn’t that long ago that flat screen TVs has this same notion, and now virtually everyone owns a flat screen TV, and you would be hard pressed to find someone with an older style TV). You can also blame pop culture and the movies, which only showed jet setters, spies, or international governments or agents using satellite phones (movies have a very powerful effect on our psyche — more than most of us would admit).

Fast forward over two decades later, and satellite phones are not only affordable, but they are essential for some professions (firefighters, rescue workers, military, police, and off-shore oil workers) and a must-have item (at least a rental satellite phone) for those interested in high adventures or off-the-grid living).

Outfitters Satellite Phones has been on the cutting-edge of the satellite phone field for almost 25 years. We have dedicated our lives to helping those who help others (such as those in war zones, or on mission trips) and helping those who are helping themselves (by exploring this vast and amazing world around us) by offering satellite phone service and satellite mobile broadband internet services. In this continuing series in our look at where you’ll need a satellite phone for adventuring in the United States, we’ll take a look at trekking through dense woods. Visit our website today to get started!


Trekking through Dense Woods

Centuries ago, trekking through dense woods was more than the norm and happened quite frequently. This was due to the fact there were more dense woods around and our lifestyles depended upon finding our own food, which lived in the forest.

Nowadays, a lot of people seek out dense woods in order to hike in and walk in as a way to relax, meditate, or just escape the connected world we all live in. Trekking through dense woods can yield a sense of what it was like to live in the time of our ancestors and is a great way to appreciate modern amenities, such as showers and toilets.

However, due to the thick canopies of the trees, many thick forests do not have cell phone coverage. The digital signal that your cell phone transmits just can’t get through to a cell phone tower, even if one were close by. It can be quite easy to get lost in a thick forest, and due to the tree coverage, there is less light than normal to see by. There is danger from falling trees, falls, and forest animals. 

If you plan on trekking through dense woods, you most definitely need a satellite phone. A satellite phone’s signal will eventually find a satellite and connect you to the world should an emergency arise. Most satellite phones from Outfitter Satellite are made for extreme weather, so should you drop your phone or stumble, your phone will be protected from the impact. 

Outfitter Satellite highly suggests our Iridium 9575 Extreme, which is one of the best satellite phones to ever hit the market. It has a global satellite network, so you can take this phone to any dense forest you desire and still have the same reliable service. This satellite phone has an SOS button, which allows you to call for help with just one push, which will transmit your last known GPS location. It’s specifically engineered for the harshest climates, with military-grade durability, dust-proof, shock-resistant, and wind resistant. You can’t really go wrong with this satellite phone in any kind of life or death situation.


There are so many hidden wonders and gems in dense woods, from the ants that make the fallen log their home to the raccoon who crashes in that same fallen log at night. The forest can be full of silence, wind in the leaves, and trickling streams nearby. The green can be astounding, and the thickness in the air can be overwhelming. The tiniest twig breaking can make you jump, and visions of the Headless Horseman go riding through your mind. The best part of adventuring is the unexpected. There is beauty in every environment, and truthfully, you need to experience as much of this world as you can, including the wonder of dense woods.

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