Through September 25, 2015, when you activate a Galaxy 1200 Annual plan for $780 per year plus a one time $50 activation fee, Outfitter Satellite will ship you a free Globalstar GSP-1700.*   Call us at 615-889-8833 for complete details on this promotion.

Who Benefits from this Free Globalstar GSP-1700 Offer?

This is a really great offer from a price view point, but is it the right choice for you?  We think the answer is "yes" for certain categories of users.

  1. Corporate users with fixed facilities in the lower 48 US states looking for an emergency backup phone for use during a regional emergency when conventional communications has become unreliable.
  2. Recreational marine users staying near the coasts of the U.S. where there is Globalstar Primary Service Area (see map).
  3. Other users in remote areas of the lower 48 US states such as ranchers in the great plains that travel outside of the range of conventional cellular services.

Advantages of the Free Globalstar GSP-1700 over other Satellite Phones

The GSP-1700 has some distinct advantages for these users.  First, it has very low per minute rates.  The Galaxy 1200 plan includes 1200 Basic Rate minutes that are valid for use anytime during the 12-month term.  Another advantage is that it has a US mobile number, making it easy for your friends and associates to reach you.   A third advantage is that it is a very small handset that weighs only 7.1 oz.  It will fit in your shirt pocket.

The Globalstar GSP-1700 requires an external antenna if it is to be used in a vehicle or a building.  A handsfree docking station is available for only $299.  The docking station has optional extended antenna cable sets up to 86 feet long for in-building applications.   In addition to the docking station, Globalstar offers in-building satellite phone solutions such as the GSP-200-MST that can be used with a building's PABX system.  The GSP-2900-MST has antenna cable length options between 20 and 55 feet.

Despite the free Globalstar GSP-1700 offer, Globalstar has one main drawback compared to Iridium and Inmarsat handheld satellite phones.  That is that Globalstar has relatively limited global coverage, and even in the lower 48 U.S. states, the areas with "primary" coverage (shown as orange on the coverage map below) do not include parts of southern California, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.  So we see it as a great solution for users with fixed facilities or users that know they will need to use a satellite phone only in the Globalstar Primary Service Area.

* NOTES: In addition to the prices quoted here, the customer is liable for taxes, USF fees and other fees related to the activation of the Galaxy 1200 Annual Plan and shipping costs and sales taxes related to the free Globalstar GSP-1700 standard kit.  Other terms and conditions apply to this offer.  Call Outfitter Satellite at 615-889-8833 for complete details.  Basic Rate calling refers to calls made or received while the Globalstar phone is inside the Globalstar Home Zone using a gateway that is inside the Globalstar Home Zone;  furthermore, if a call is outbound, it must be to a destination number in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico or additional long distance charges will apply.   Calls made or received outside the Home Zone or using a gateway outside the Home Zone will be billed at roaming rates.  The promotional offers discussed in this article can be cancelled without notice.  All prices, rates, terms and conditions presented in this article are valid until September 25, 2015.