What Replacement Product Should You Choose for Your Legacy Inmarsat Equipment?

If you are replacing a legacy Inmarsat terminal, the choice usually comes down to:

  • Is the application maritime or land based?
  • Does the application require high speed internet or data capability?

Inmarsat Maritime M, Maritime Mini-M, and Maritime B terminals can be replaced by the new Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals which offer multiple voice lines, texting, and broadband internet access.

Inmarsat Land M and Land Mini-M can be replaced by the new Inmarsat GSPS phones and terminals, including the handheld IsatPhone 2 which offers voice, text, and 2400 bps data. The IsatPhone 2 is a good replacement for the Nera WorldPhone or Nera Provident Inmarsat Mini-M terminals. Inmarsat GSPS satellite phones are popular with hunters, hikers and recreational marine users. Unlike Iridium satellite phones, GSPS handheld satellite phones can make long duration calls. A U.S. phone number option is available. The IsatPhone 2 can be docked in an IsatDock connected to an external mast antenna or car antenna.

The IsatDock series docks by BEAM provide various options depending on the model you choose, including an RJ-11 phone port, a privacy handset, and Bluetooth connectivity. The IsatDock Marine version of the dock (shown here) provides a splash resistant cover and optional GPS tracking services.

Inmarsat Land B or Land GAN terminal can be replaced by Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) terminals. Both portable and vehicular BGAN systems are available. The Hughes HNS-9202 or Cobham Explorer 510 a good replacement for a Nera World Communicator or Thrane & Thrane Capsat Messenger terminal. The HNS-9202 is a Class II BGAN that offers internet access speeds up to 464 kbps. It has WiFi connectivity and can support multiple simultaneous users. Don't be afraid to take it outdoors. It has an impressive IP55 ingress protection rating against water and dust intrusion. Full ISDN functionality and G3 fax support make it backwards compatible with Inmarsat M4. Outfitter Satellite recommends DigiGone Video-Conference Software which helps reduce bandwidth usage to as low as 100 kbps while providing good video quality. It is AES secure so export restrictions apply.

* All prices listed in this article were current as of May 15, 2013 when this article was written. All prices are subject to change and are based on current inventory. Additional USF Fees and other fees and taxes apply to prices quoted for service plans. Legacy land portable Inmarsat equipment scheduled to be replaced includes Nera WorldPhone Mini-M, Nera WorldPhone Provident Large Antenna Mini-M, Thrane and Thrane Capsat Mini-M, Nera World Communicator GAN, Capsat Messenger M4, and EMS Storm M4 terminals.