Why Emergency Responders Need Satellite Phones

One of the more risky careers that someone can choose is that of an emergency responder. This job can put people in the line of danger on a regular basis. From car crashes to fires, the scenarios can get pretty serious. As a first responder, one of the things that you want to ensure is that you have the proper means to communicate during these situations.

Having a sound means of communication is crucial when you could wind up in a situation where backup is needed, a partner is down, or the situation is different than what’s been communicated at this point. Of course, these are some pretty serious scenarios that we’re talking about — but they happen. In order to ensure that your team of emergency responders are safe, you need to find the best methods of communication available.

If you haven’t updated the means of communication in your emergency responders headquarters for a couple of years, then it’s time to learn about the countless ways that you can ensure they’re covered when the next big emergency happens. Dive into today’s blog post for a few of our suggested pieces of equipment for emergency personnel.

Emergency Communications Trailers

There are so many different types of communication that can occur in an emergency, and when you aren’t sure what your scenario is going to call for, you need to be prepared for any and all cases. An emergency communications trailer is one of the best ways to provide your team of emergency responders with all of the indoor workstations that they need.

There are countless models that allow for you to really get specific with the needs that your team has. For example, you could choose to make the trailer WiFi accessible, add security cameras, mount antennas, and the like. The best part is that this is an investment that will last for years to come and is completely customizable — so you are free to update and shift the interior of the trailer as needed.

Aside from that, these trailers allow for your team to do their work inside. This is great if you live in a colder location or you want to ensure that your team has some protection from the situation that they’re in. All in all, they’re a great means of communication, and they can help keep your team safe.

Flyaway Satellite Internet Systems

Internet connection is a pretty vital part of communication these days. Just about every means of communication requires some internet or tower based connection in order for it to work — but when you’re in an emergency, this certainly isn’t going to work. Rather than leave your team of emergency responders in a position where they don’t have access to the connection they need, turn to a satellite internet system.

These systems don’t rely on ground-based towers to gain a connection. Rather, they provide you with a connection from a satellite-based system. This means that regardless of the emergency that’s surrounding them, they’ll still be able to get a sound connection. This is great for any position that requires some sort of data entry or connection to complete the job.

If you do have a position that requires that, then you may also want to consider a laptop or notebook that offers a satellite connection. These are a great way to keep your team on the go and ensure that nothing stops them while they’re working.

Satellite Phones

It goes without saying, phones are one of the primary methods of communication that we use. When an emergency is happening, they’re definitely the means of communication that most people turn to. When your team is out responding to an emergency, it’s crucial that they have a sound way to contact the rest of the team. Whether it’s calling for backup or it’s providing more information to the rest of the team, the ability to call is a must.

The downside to most phones is that they rely on cell phone towers to function, and when an emergency happens, there’s a chance of these towers being knocked down, going off-service, or completely failing to provide service to the spot that your team member is at. This is, simply put, not okay.

Satellite phones use a satellite system, similar to the one that we just talked about with WiFi, to provide a consistent connection for your team. That means that even when the world is crumbling, they still have the ability to get ahold of the people they need.

Position Based Pieces

The equipment that your team needs will vary based on their position and the role that they have. These are some of the more frequently used types of equipment that most emergency personnel should be using at this point, but of course, this will vary on the needs of your team first and foremost. If you’re not entirely sure what your team is in need of, it’s best to turn to a leadership role to determine what they suggest, but when it comes to satellite phones — Outfitter Satellite can help.

Let Our Team Help

Outfitter Satellite provides high-quality satellite phones with the options of both purchasing and renting. We have worked tirelessly to find all of the features and solutions that are necessary for those using the phone to make the most of them. If you’re interested in incorporating new or updated satellite phones to your team's means of communication, browse our selection of handheld devices and contact our team with any questions or inquiries that you may have.