Why You Should Consider A Thuraya Satellite Phone

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Customer Support Before And After Your Purchase

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Thuraya Phones

We are proud to carry Thuraya phones among our satcom equipment. Thuraya is a mobile satellite communications company that creates high-quality satellite phones, among other satcom equipment, with the intention of providing their users with flexible, dependable, and innovative technology. With customers found around the world hailing from a variety of industries and backgrounds, Thuraya satellite equipment is used by governments, NGOs, along with those in energy, media, and marine sectors. Thuraya has been the recipient of numerous awards since their inception, with recent accolades including the Telecom Review Best Satellite Operate (2017), Satellite PRO MSS Operate of the Year (2017), MSUA Top Land Mobility Innovation, and SILA satellite Humanitarian of the Year (2016).

Clearly, this is a satcom technology provider that’s worth their salt. After all, that’s why we carry their exceptional products here at Outfitter Satellite. Today’s post is dedicated to highlighting the various Thuraya phones for sale here at Outfitter Satellite. We understand that the decision-making process isn’t always an easy one with regards to finding a satellite phone plan that is right for your particular needs, so allow us to highlight some of the features and benefits that can be found with the Thuraya satellite phones in stock. So read on if you could use a little guidance while you are in-market for a satellite phone rental or purchase!

General Thuraya Advantages

One of the key advantages that Thuraya boasts is that within its own regional coverage area, Thuraya offers the small satellite phones available. But before you get concerned about the phrase “its own regional coverage area,” be sure to check out the link above to see a visual representation of the primary coverage region of Thuraya. As you can tell from the map, the coverage area extends to Europe, the Middle East, central Africa, southeastern Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Japan, Australia, and beyond.

On the coverage map, you’ll notice that there is a dark blue “primary region” area along with a light blue, “fringe” coverage region. Whether you are in the primary or secondary region, coverage might be blocked by the local terrain of your area. That’s why we advise you to make sure that you’ll have a direct line of sight between the Thuraya satellite and yourself to be able to make calls. We also encourage our customers to make a few practice calls before you go out to your remote location. Doing a test run to make sure you are comfortable with the equipment is a very good idea when it is something as vital as communication in an obscure and isolated location.

Thuraya Equipment Options

From Thuraya handheld satellite phones to the SatSleeve+ hotspot for your smartphone, there is a range of equipment options Thuraya has to offer. Also included on this list are docking stations for in-building and vehicular applications along with high-speed data terminals. Other features that are available (depending on which service plan you select) include voice, texting, 9.6 kbps circuit-switched data, and always-on GmPRS packet data internet access. The latter of which can get up to 60 kbps download speed and achieve 15 kbps upload speed. If you are interested in a Thuraya IP+ internet terminal, you’ll be pleased to learn they can reach up to 444 kbps.

Don’t worry, if these sound like arbitrary features and numbers to you, that’s okay. Again, we’ll be happy to walk you through the meaning of these features and specifications so that you are confident about what you are purchasing.

Thuraya Satellite Phones

In addition to a comprehensive selection of solar panels and battery packs for Thuraya satellite phones or terminals we’d like to make sure our readers are aware of, we’d like to transition to the meat and potatoes of today’s post — the Thuraya sat phones themselves!

Thuraya XT-PRO Satellite Phone

If you are looking for the Thuraya phone with all the bells and whistles, your search can stop right here. The most feature-rich of all Thuraya satellite phones, the XT-PRo includes built-in GPS, BeiDou, and Glonass capability to make sure that the phone is optimally functioning no matter your location. With a display protected by hardened Gorilla® glass to ensure performance even in extreme environments, the screen also comes with glare resistance and a brightness sensor to automatically adjust the display backlight for the user’s ease of use.  

The Thuraya Xt-Pro is capable of fax, data (9.6 kbps circuit-switched data), SMS short messages, and the previously mentioned GMPRS internet access up to 60 kbps on download and 15 kbps on upload.

Thuraya XT-PRO Docking Station

While we are discussing it, the docking station for the Thuraya XT-Pro is a necessary addition for effective use of the Thuraya phone if you’d like to use it in a vehicle or building. Find out more about the docking station options along with our recommendations by following the link above.

Thuraya XT-LITE Handheld Satellite Phone

If you are looking for many of the same features that the XT-PRO has but you aren’t looking to take such a big bite out of your wallet, the Thuraya XT-LITE satellite phone is the more economical version. With voice and SMS messaging along with 6 hours of talk time or 80 hours of standby time, you can count on this Thuraya sat phone to get the job done when you need it to. However, there are no docking stations or 9.6 kbps data or GmPRS functionality with the XT-LITE.

Thuraya SatSleeve+

If you are wondering if there is a way to convert your smartphone into a satellite phone, we have the simplest and fastest solution for you at Outfitter Satellite. The Thuraya SatSlevee+ works for your iPhone or Android, with a compact adapter letting you use your smartphone to send SMS and make calls outside the cellular terrestrial networks. This is accomplished using the Thuraya network, which works in tandem with the Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot App to make calls, send texts, send emails, or even tweet a tweet on Twitter! Check out our review article for more details.

Thuraya Phones For Sale At Outfitter Satellite

Now that you have a better understanding of what you can accomplish with Thuraya sat phones, check out our full product list to find pricing and warranty information, along with additional accessories. We also have prepaid and postpaid SIM cards, so browse away!