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AddValue Wideye iSavi
Wideye iSavi BGAN Terminal

AddValue Wideye iSavi

Inmarsat BGAN *In Stock*
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Part Number: INM-ISAVI
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Inmarsat BGAN
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The Wideye iSavi is a user-friendly Inmarsat broadband terminal that allows multiple smart devices to connect simultaneously. You can track data usage, make and receive calls and text messages, and control the iSavi with our free mobile app.


  • Can be used with Inmarsat BGAN service plans including prepaid plans

  • iSavi can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet with the use of the app

  • The free app allows you to make and receive voice calls and text over iSavi with the use of your iOS or Android smartphone

  • Data usage from each connected device can be tracked via the free app

The Wideye iSavi is an entry-level Inmarsat broadband terminal that’s remarkably small and compact, yet boasts an Ingress Protection Rating of IP65. If you are searching for a broadband terminal to connect multiple smart devices, look no further than the Wideye iSavi. Order yours from Outfitter Satellite today.


  • Built-in firewall

  • IP65 Ingress Protection Rating

  • Can provide internet access up to 240 kbps up, and 384kbps down (150 kbps is more common)

  • Multiple smart devices can connect simultaneously

Service Plans:

Save on Inmarsat BGAN Service at Outfitter Satellite Phones


* Prices on this page are valid until our current supply of Wideye iSavi terminals are sold. 

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