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Wideye iSavi
Wideye iSavi BGAN Terminal

Wideye iSavi

Part Number: INM-ISAVI
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Wideye iSavi standard kit (configured for BGAN service)
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Inmarsat I-4 Satellite Coverage for Inmarsat IsatHub Coverage The Wideye iSavi is an entry-level Inmarsat broadband terminal. Outfitter Satellite now configures iSavi units so that they can be used with Inmarsat BGAN service plans, including prepaid plans. The remarkably small Wideye iSavi was designed for use with smart phones and tablets that connect via Wi-Fi.

  • A free app lets your iOS or Android smart phone make and receive voice calls and texts over the iSavi.
  • A free app lets your smart phone or tablet control the iSavi and see data usage from each device connected to the internet through the iSavi.
  • Multiple smart devices can connect simultaneously.
  • Built-in firewall
  • IP65 Ingress Protection Rating

How fast is the IsatHub? In Standard IP data mode, Wideye iSavi can provide internet access up to 240 kbps up 384 kbps down, though 150 kbps is more typical.

*Limitations: Inmarsat IsatHub service may not be available in some areas shown on the coverage map due to terrain masking or other obstructions that block a direct line of sight to the Inmarsat satellite.

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