With the recent fires in East Tennessee, wildfire preparation is always a prudent decision. Below lists some simple things that can be done to maximize safety in a wildfire situation.

  • Prepare Your Property

    • Clean your roof valleys and gutters of dead leaves and small branches
    • Rake leaves and small branches away from your dwelling
    • Prune all branches overhanging your dwelling
    • Mow tall, dry grass close to your dwelling
    • Trim overgrown shrubbery
    • Emergency workers should be able to clearly identify your dwelling from house numbers or numbers on your curb or mailbox.
  • Wildfire Approaching

    • Call for Help
    • Close all windows and openings in your dwelling to prevent stray embers from entering
    • Have tools like shovels, rakes, buckets, hoses, and saws for fighting off small fires
    • Wear cotton pants and long sleeves; use handkerchiefs to protect nose and mouth from smoke
    • Turn off natural gas or propane lines entering your dwelling
    • Back vehicles into the garage (making them quickly accessible) and shut the garage door
  • Evacuation Necessary

    • Keep a list of local emergency numbers in your mobile and also physically written down in an easily accessible place.
    • Map out at least 2 different ways out of your neighborhood in case one route becomes blocked.
    • Have supplies packed and readily on hand in case a mandatory evacuation is necessary. Your emergency kit should include: water, non-perishable food, a flashlight, battery- or crank-powered radio, first aid kit, medications, personal hygiene items, multipurpose tool, copies of important documents, and cell phone chargers.
    • If time allows, you may also want to bring easily carried valuables, family photos, and personal computer information (hard drives, laptops).

Wildfires may also overwhelm power stations and cell phone towers, likely disrupting electrical and cellular service. A satellite phone, independent of local terrestrial conditions, is an excellent addition to your evacuation kit. It could be your only means to contact emergency workers if your property is overcome by fire.

Currently, Outfitter Satellite has used Iridium 9505A global phones, operable anywhere on the planet, carrying a 6-month warranty for an unbeatable price. With monthly and prepaid service options available, this is an affordable peace-of-mind option in an emergency situation. Outfitter Satellite also has 10W solar panels with 72 WHr batteries and 6W panels with 44 WHr batteries that will charge most mobile devices.

Wildfire preparation including supplies like a satellite phone and solar panel is easy and could make a life-changing difference in the event of a wildfire situation where you live.