Your Informal, High-Level Guide To Satellite Phone Rentals

Are you thinking about renting a satellite phone for an upcoming business trip, wilderness expedition, natural disaster relief trip, mission trip, or another remote travel opportunity? If so, know that you’re in good hands when you work with our satellite phone rental experts here at Outfitter Satellite. 

Satellite phone rentals are a major part of our business. Regardless of the nature of your upcoming trip, satphone rentals and even mobile broadband internet rentals offer a flexible and affordable solution to help you stay connected in some of the most remote parts of the planet. 

Your Go-To Satellite Phone Rental Provider

By carrying quality products from top brands, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as the #1 satellite phone and mobile broadband internet provider, and we’re ready to help you stay connected no matter where you are in the world. 

Below, you’ll find convenient, high-level information regarding satellite phone rentals and how to find a product that best suits your budget and needs. Should you have any questions, know that Outfitter Satellite is just a click or a (cellular) call away. Contact us by visiting here

Let’s get started. 

Global vs Regionally Restricted Coverage

Certain satellite phone brands offer better global coverage than others. Thuraya and Inmarsat GSPS products offer a more economical connection than Iridium products, but they’re also restricted to certain areas. 

Due to the fact that sat phone rentals are such a popular option for people, we exclusively offer Iridium rentals that feature global coverage. No matter where your travels take you, rest assured that your line of communication with the outside world is as economical and affordable as it is reliable. 

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals — Which Is Right For You?

The 9575 Extreme

As the true flagship of Iridium models, the 9575 is rugged, durable, and notoriously reliable. Built with GPS tracking capabilities, the 9575 also has an IP 65 rating, meaning that it is rated to withstand dust, rain, and other extreme elements (do not submerge this model underwater). Even if you’re in jagged, mountainous terrain with the 9575, Iridium’s superior global network offers consistent coverage for both voice and text applications. 

For your convenience, Outfitter Satellite offers a rental bundle with the 9575 Extreme which includes the following: 

  • Weather-resistant soft carrying case

  • AC wall charger

  • DC car charger

  • USB charging cable

The 9555

For the most economical but dependable satellite phone solution, renting an Iridium 9555 is your best option. Though the 9555 lacks GPS tracking and a built-in SOS button (something that you’ll want for a potentially dangerous trip), you can still make calls or send basic SMS text messages anywhere on the planet. 

For longer-term trips, or trips where frequent communication is paramount, Outfitter Satellite offers extra internal batteries as well as a 44 W-Hr external battery pack. 

Mobile Broadband Internet Rentals

Outfitter Satellite also proudly offers multiple mobile broadband internet solutions for rent. The perfect way to stay connected online for personal or professional purposes, our hotspots and terminals are easy to use and offer a reliable, steady connection. 

The Iridium GO! hotspot is a great option for those who would rather use their Apple smartphone devices — and let’s be honest, that’s a good chunk of the population right there! This portable wi-fi hotspot is designed to connect with your smartphone, and even offers unlimited data usage for Iridium-approved applications. 

Finally, we also offer two different Inmarsat satellite-based broadband internet connection solutions. The GX Flyaway rental is a great option for an NGO or corporate team where unlimited internet access is a must. 

Free 2-Day Delivery

We use FedEx to provide free and prompt 2-day delivery on our satellite phones for rent. Only Iridium or Inmarsat products are included with this offer. Feel free to visit our satellite rentals page to get more details.

Need Help Finding The Best Satellite Phone Rental For Your Needs? 

The world of satellite phone rentals, mobile broadband internet rentals, and other satellite-based communication products can often be confusing, especially if you don’t have a background in this area. Fortunately, Outfitter Satellite brings decades of experience to the table, specializing in “outfitting” you and your party with the best products and plans for your needs. 

If you have a trip on the horizon, don’t procrastinate in connecting with us! Feel free to contact us anytime at (833)-403-0581.