Traveling Preparedness Guide

Are you preparing for a big trip? In today’s blog post from Outfitter Satellite, we are going to discuss some important steps that you should take before you begin on any endeavor. Continue reading to learn more, and if you are considering bringing a satellite phone with you on your travels, look no further than Outfitter Satellite. Rent or purchase a satellite phone for your next trip today. 

Research the Area Ahead of Time

Before you travel to any destination in the U.S. or abroad, you should take some time to research the area. For destinations within the United States, you may want to get a paper map to bring with you in case your smartphone GPS becomes unreliable at any time, and do some general research online to find out more about the area.

If your destination is outside of the U.S., it’s important to look into local laws and culture as well as ensure that you are aware of any CDC travel health notices

Be Up-to-Date on Travel Vaccines

If traveling outside of the United States, you may be required to get certain vaccines before arriving at your destination. This isn’t just a formality, although if a vaccine or medicine is required, you may not be granted access to the country without documentation that you’ve received it. The laws about vaccination are put in place to keep you safe and should be taken seriously. You’ll want to look into this a couple of months ahead of time, as vaccines typically require an incubation period before your immune system will build up protection against the virus. 

Let Friends or Family Know Where You Are Going

No matter where you are traveling, it’s essential that someone knows where you are. They should also know how to get into contact with you if they have an emergency. Bringing a satellite phone on your travels is an ideal way to ensure that you always have access to reliable communication, no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Bring Emergency Cash/Backup Credit Cards

We know that you’ve probably heard warnings about bringing cash with you on your travels. The problem with not bringing any cash is that if an emergency arrives, you won’t have any source of money with you. So, if you’re traveling, try putting a little bit of cash or a backup credit card in a safe in your room or in another safe place just in case you need it.

Make Copies of Your Passport and Other Important Documents

You never know when an emergency situation could arise or when you could misplace your passport or another important document like your vaccine records. It’s essential that you make copies of any important document that you’ll need while traveling. In the case that you misplace or lose one, you’ll be thankful that you did. 

Consider Bringing a First Aid Kit

The type of first aid kit that you’ll want to bring with you will depend on where you are traveling. In the easiest sense, if for instance you are staying at a hotel, you may just want to pack some bandaids, allergy medicine, and pain/fever reducer. If you plan on being on a boat or ship, you’ll want to include something for motion sickness. If your travels will take you to a place that cannot offer any first aid accommodations, you may want to pack heavier.

Set Regular Check-In Times With a Designated Person

After you’ve let your friends and family know where you are headed and when, you should choose a designated person and set a time for regular check-ins. Maybe you’ll send a quick text at the end of the day to a family member just to let them know you’re safe. Or, you could choose to give a friend a quick call each morning. Just make sure that someone is expecting your communication, preferably everyday, and that you have some sort of plan in place in case you are unable to reach out. 

Rent or Buy a Satellite Phone

Whether you plan on traveling somewhere within the United States or abroad, it’s essential that you have a reliable source of communication. A satellite phone, such as the Iridium Extreme®, has global communication abilities, so no matter where your travels take you, you’ll be able to reach out to friends, family, or emergency services if necessary. Don’t take a trip without access to reliable global communication. 

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