Thuraya SatSleeve+ Review: Making an iPhone into a Satphone

The original Thuraya SatSleeve was one of the most innovative products of 2013.   In 2015, Thuraya launched the SatSleeve+ and SatSleeve Hotspot.
The new Thuraya SatSleeve+ and SatSleeve Hotspot use Wi-Fi.  A free app lets you make calls or send texts, emails or tweets using in your own iOS or Android smart phone.  Internet access using Thuraya GmPRS mode reaches up to 60 kbps down and 15 kbps up.  Thuraya has a vast coverage area including much of Africa, western Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.
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Bring an Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone On Your Next Hunt

You have prepared carefully for your upcoming hunting trip. You have a good rifle,  bullets, a knife, and a backpack.  Also, you have food, a field dress kit, and your cammies.  Still, are you prepared for an unexpected or even life-threatening emergency? A lot can happen when you're hunting in a remote location, and you may not have cellular coverage. That is why well-prepared hunters carry a satellite phone. The popular Iridium 9575 satellite phone is the focus of this article.
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IsatPhone PRO Satellite Phone: How to Send Emergency Alerts

The IsatPhone PRO satellite phone by Inmarsat is one of the most exciting developments in mobile satellite communications.  It offers a large coverage area with a pleasantly low hardware and operating cost.
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Globalstar Satellite Phones versus the IsatPhone PRO: Which is Better?

Is the new Inmarsat IsatPhone PRO a better alternative to Globalstar satellite phones such as the GSP-1600?   This article compares them and discusses special discount offers for active Globalstar subscribers transitioning to Inmarsat.
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What Replaces Inmarsat M, Mini-M, GAN?

What Replacement Product Should You Choose for Your Legacy Inmarsat Equipment?

If you are replacing a legacy Inmarsat terminal, the choice usually comes down to:

  • Is the application maritime or land based?
  • Does the application require high speed internet or data capability?
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Buy an Inmarsat IsatPhone PRO: Consider These 10 Reasons

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro: 10 reasons to buy.

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From Russia with Love - New Regulations on Satellite Phones

Russian Regulations on Satellite Phones:

There are new rules for satellite phones within Russia or its territories. The new regulations are intended to fight terrorism by intercepting calls to other countries. So, if you intend to use a satellite phone inside Russian territory, including Iridium handheld phones or even marine equipment such as the Iridium Openport, be sure to investigate these regulations carefully. Outfitter Satellite does not offer legal advice, and this article is not intended as legal guidance. We do hope that this article is food for thought, if you are traveling to the land of Kodiak bears and beluga caviar.

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Critical Firmware Upgrade Announced for select Thrane & Thrane BGAN and FleetBroadband Terminals

Thrane and Thrane (now rebranded as Cobham) has released a critical firmware upgrade for the SAILOR 500, EXPLORER 325 and EXPLORER 727

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Get individual Skyfile email addresses for your entire crew!

This article reviews the powerful multiple-user email capabilities of Astrium's SkyFile Email system. As an example, a ship's Captain can provide his crew individual email accounts for use through the ship's Iridium or Inmarsat Fleetbroadband satellite phone via one (or more) Windows-based computers that are local on the ship.  The Captain is given a Master Username and Password that allows him to create or delete subaccounts for his crew on the fly.  For example, if the Master Username was [email protected], then the Captain can create additional email subaccounts of the form [email protected].   Here are some of the features that the Captain can select for the subaccounts:

  • A subaccount can be made Private or Corporate.  Corporate accounts can be audited by the captain.   Private accounts are allowed to select their own 8-digit password when they first log on.
  • A subaccount can be limited so that it cannot start a mail exchange.  This is an important cost saving feature to reduce satellite airtime usage.  Only privileged users can initiate a data call through the satellite phone.
  • A subaccount can be limited to local (intraship) email.
  • A subaccount can be given a maximum number of minutes of airtime usage. on a monthly basis.
  • A subaccount can be given a limit on its individual mail size of No attachments alowed, 0.1 MB max, 0.3 MB max, 1 MB max, or no limit.
  • A subaccount can be given or restricted from access to shared archive files.

All of this can be done on a single screen by the Captain, with virtually no training, and there is no cost at all for Outfitter Satellite clients on most prepaid and postpaid plans.  The email functionality is similar to Microsoft Outlook.  For more information about SkyFile for multiple-user applications please call.

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Satellite Phone Providers - Which one is the best?

Satellite phones are increasingly indispensable during regional emergencies.   Terrestrial communication networks can become disrupted by a regional crisis -- crippling the communications between local police, fire, and medical organizations.  A disruption can be caused by physical damage to the network or simple network congestion due to high regional call traffic by the general population.  During the recent Boston bombing, for example, the local cellular networks were almost immediately congested.
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