Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone: Best Choice for Alaska

If you travel in remote parts of Alaska, you need to prepare carefully.  Experienced hunters carry a good rifle, a knife, food, cammies and increasingly a satellite phone.  They know that depending on a cell phone in Alaska will often leave you unable to communicate in a life-threatening emergency.
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Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots: BYOD Bring Your Own Device

In the last few years, Satellite Wi-Fi hotspots have demonstrated themselves to be the long awaited solution for iPhone, iPad, and Android users trying to connect to the internet over satellite from remote locations beyond the reach of conventional cellular or internet providers.  All the satellite Wi-Fi hotspots compared here enable smartphone and tablet devices to access the internet through a satellite network. Some but not all of the satellite Wi-Fi hotspots support phone calls and texting through your smart device.
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