Mandatory IsatPhone Pro Firmware Upgrade

Inmarsat issued a mandatory IsatPhone PRO firmware upgrade to version 5.3.0 or higher by November 28, 2014.  IsatPhone Pro phones that are not upgraded by that date will no longer be able to register, make, or receive calls correctly until the upgrade is performed.

That said, as of mid-2015, Outfitter Satellite has received reports from some customers using version 5.3.0 that are having problems.  

Here are the symptoms that they are describing:  even though a proper GPS fix has been acquired and good signal strength is present from the Inmarsat satellite, the IsatPhone PRO fails to register and displays the message:  LIMITED CONNECTIVITY and tells the user to call their service provider.   So, Outfitter Satellite is now recommending that all customers with version 5.3.0 upgrade to the newest firmware.

Do You Need to do a Firmware Upgrade of Your IsatPhone PRO?   

You can verify what firmware version your IsatPhone PRO handset has by performing the following commands: Menu > Settings > About > Firmware version.  The current version of the firmware is 5.8.0 and you may want to upgrade to the current firmware just to get the newest improvements, but if the your firmware version is earlier than 5.3.0, you must perform the upgrade before November 28, 2014.  

Performing the Upgrade:  

You will need a Windows Vista / XP / 7 machine to perform the upgrade.  Unfortunately, there is no upgrade tool for the Macintosh.  Also, if you are using Windows 7, the latest version of the USB driver and the IsatPhone Pro’s firmware upgrade tool must be installed before the upgrade is performed.

You can download the newest IsatPhone Pro firmware, the upgrade tool, the USB drivers, and instructions by clicking on this link (about 10 MB download).

Inmarsat estimates that the upgrade process will only take about 15 minutes.  Be sure to have both the computer and the IsatPhone PRO connected to external power so the upgrade is not interrupted by loss of power due to a low battery!


Have Us Perform the Upgrade For You:

Outfitter Satellite is always willing to assist our customers with any upgrade.  Shipping costs and an $89 work charge apply.   To do this, simply complete our online RMA form  and specify "Firmware Upgrade" on the form.   Print a copy of the RMA form and include it with your IsatPhone PRO equipment.

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SkyFile Mail Premium

If you need PC-based email over your Iridium, Outfitter Satellite recommends that you purchase an AxcessPoint.  Another choice that is FREE is the popular Vizada SkyFile Mail 8.2 software (only available on selected plans).   SkyFile Mail provides reliable and cost-effective two-way email, fax and SMS messaging on Inmarsat, Iridium,  and Thuraya (though it is not available on Thuraya prepaid SIMs).

Vizada has just rolled out a new more powerful version of SkyFile.   To differentiate the two versions, Vizada is now naming the free version SkyFile Mail Classic and the new version SkyFile Mail Premium.   The new Premium version is not free but if offers powerful features for business users at a competitive rate.

Key benefits of SkyFile Mail Premium over Classic:

  • Works with some popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook
  • An automatic notification push feature allows emails to be delivered immediately without manual actions
  • Access over non-satellite connections (3G, WiFi, etc.)
  • SMS up to 1500 characters
  • Advanced call detail viewer & split billing file
  • Quarantine file for suspicious emails

Key benefits SkyFile Mail Classic & Premium

  • Ensures reliable and secure messaging
  • Compresses data by up to 90%, significantly reducing connection time
  • The integrated BDU access command allows users to automatically start/stop the IP-session from SkyFile Mail
  • API allows 3rd part application access, e.g.  ship management applications
  • Enhanced supervision of sub accounts
  • SkyFile works on any desktop PC.  Provides highly effective anti-virus, anti-spam filter and black & white lists.   SkyFile Mail can use Iridium Rudics to boost connection quality and bandwidth, reducing connection time by more than 50% (Iridium Prepaid does not have Rudics but many of Outfitter Satellite's postpaid plans do).  SkyFile NOAD enables to create and transmit electronic forms required by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Call us for more information.


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