Compare iSavi to the EXPLORER 510

Comparison of the new Inmarsat IsatHub service with Inmarsat BGAN

The new Wideye iSavi by Addvalue is the first terminal approved for Inmarsat IsatHub service.  IsatHub is intended for consumer-grade users of satellite broadband.  It is easy to use.  The only cable is for charging.   To call, text or web surf, on your smart phone or tablet, you simply need an app.   Clearly, anyone traveling beyond the reach of conventional cellular service should consider the iSavi.  That said, Inmarsat has a much more powerful mobile broadband satellite service called Inmarsat BGAN.  We suggest that you take a little time to compare the iSavi to the EXPLORER 510.  It costs a little more but you get much higher performance.

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Best satellite hotspot for Africa, Middle East and Australia

Are you planning to hunt or travel in Africa?   Though cellular coverage in Africa has made great strides in recent decades, traveling in remote areas of Africa still requires a satellite phone.  The newest satellite phones are compact portable satellite hotspot devices designed to work with your smart phone or tablet.  You can make phone calls, send texts and even browse the web using a free app.  In a life-threatening emergency, you can send an S.O.S. message with the press of a button.

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