The Most Common Applications Of Satellite Phones

It’s true that most of the civilized world uses standard cellular technology to stay in touch with one another — after all, with convenient networks like LTE, we can instantly communicate with someone else around the world. That’s truly incredible, and something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

However, as convenient as modern communication infrastructures are, there are still many places around the world without cell phone towers. It’s unclear as to what percentage of the Earth’s landmass has available mobile phone reception, but given the sheer expanse of the Earth, it’s fair to say that most undeveloped and completely remote areas still lack coverage.

Stay Connected When There’s No Other Option

That’s why satellite phones are so valuable. Now, you're wondering why more people don’t use sat phones for their universal coverage, this blog post is for you. But on this page, Outfitter Satellite will cover some of the most common and practical applications for the use of satellite communication equipment.

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Stay In Contact With A Satellite Phone Rental After Safely Reaching Your Destination

The winter season, forever accompanied by ample snowfall in many parts of the world, usually results in one of two effects on people: there are those who stay bundled up indoors, unwilling to brave the slippery roads and chilly air, and those who get energized from a snowy weather forecast.

Logically, it makes sense to hang out inside and skip your drive when there’s inclement weather outside, but it’s important to know that there are several ways to ensure that you reach your desired destination safely. It all comes down to what you drive, how you drive, and whether or not you’re prepared.

Get A Satellite Phone Rental For Your Winter Driving Trips

At Outfitter Satellite, we believe that preparedness is not just the key to survival, but to living a long, happy, and healthy life full of adventure. That’s why we’re proud to carry what we believe to be one of the single most important survival items for remote workers, extreme alpinists and mountaineers, and those who spend time far away from any cell phone reception: satellite phones.

A sat phone is, in many situations, a lifeline. This is your way to contact the outside world, and though satellite communications equipment may weight down your gear bag when you’re hauling it out in the wintery wilderness, it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be safe. Trust us.

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