Why Test Your Satellite Phone Regularly?

There are lots of reasons that you may own an iridium satellite phone. Maybe you’re a volunteer disaster-relief worker getting ready for the busy season. Maybe you’re an ecological researcher who spends a lot of time collecting water and soil samples from remote areas. Maybe you’re a concerned parent who keeps one in your family’s bug out bag. No matter why you chose to purchase your Iridium satellite phone, it’s crucial that it be in good working order when you need it most.
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Satellite Phone Basics

Whether you’re planning to spend time backpacking and trekking through northern Montana mountains or you’re planning a trip to venture into the far reaches of distant, foreign lands, figuring out how you can establish reliable communications in the case of emergencies, changing plans, or relaying information to your team should be one of your top priorities.

Cell phone networks are stronger and faster than ever before, and for many travelers, they’ll serve for most urban and rural locations. But when you really start to get into rough terrain and you travel further from help, something more substantial is typically needed.

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