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Cobham Explorer 8100 Drive-Away VSAT
Cobham Explorer 8100 Drive-Away VSAT Terminal

Cobham Explorer 8100 Drive-Away VSAT

Part Number: COB-EXP8100
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Cobham Explorer 8100 Drive-Away VSAT Terminal
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The Cobham Explorer 8100 VSAT system is an ideal mobile internet connection for data and news vans, oilfield services, emergency responders, or remote/mobile office applications. With our auto-acquire technology, having fast, reliable internet service away from a standard infrastructure has never been easier.


  • Bring your broadband internet connection with you wherever you go

  • Antenna auto-adjusts to keep the signal locked in

  • Considered the best-of-the-best in the satellite communications world

  • supports high-definition video streaming, high-throughput data transfer, and clear, reliable telecommunication

The Explorer 8100 has an advanced "Dynamic Pointing Correction" system that adjusts the antenna and keeps the signal locked even in windy conditions and while occupants are loading or unloading the vehicle. Purchase your Cobham Explorer 8100 VSAT Drive-Away Terminal from Outfitter Satellite today. 


  • 1.0m stabilized, multi-band, drive-away terminal

  • Pointing can be achieved in less than 2 minutes

  • Built-in Wi-Fi access

  • For use with the Maverick VSAT service