Depending on your occupation, your job may require meeting clients or traveling to a conference in a foreign country. However, before heading to the airport to catch your flight, you’ll need to ensure that you bring along the necessary equipment to conduct business that is far away from your normal working space. In this blog, we are going to share some crucial pieces of technology you won’t want to forget when packing your suitcase.

Universal Power Adapter

You’ll need to be able to charge all of your devices, and some foreign countries do not have the plugs as we do here in the United States. If the devices you are bringing along have chargers that use U.S. plugs, or a 10-amp 2-prong variety, you may not be able to charge your most crucial devices once overseas. Look into what type of outlets the country you will be traveling to uses. You should be able to find an adapter that will work with your devices. Additionally, you can find adapters that can be used in various countries, ensuring that you always have the power you need.

Universal Chargers

Even with all of the wireless devices in our world, we’re still dependant on cords to keep us running. While you’re conducting business, you will likely have at least six or seven crucial pieces of technology that need charging every day or so, which means you will need your chargers to keep you up and running.

Throwing all of your charging cords into carry-on or briefcase is likely to lead to a tangled mess or the possibility of being misplaced, or you can buy a universal charger. This plug binds all of your chargers — one plug leads to a head full of all the different sizes and shapes of device inputs to fit all of your devices. It should be fairly easy to find a universal charger option that can hook up all your devices.

Portable Router

If you are going to need to go online while your in another country, and if you are going for business you likely will, it can be risky to trust the free wifi at hotels and coffee shops. Not to mention, many places outside of the U.S require a fee to connect to their wifi. Plus, you might find that  the wifi signal slow, making your work too frustrating to bear. Look into getting a portable router for your trip. These will connect to your devices more easily than hotel internet connections, ensuring you have free, fast, and secure access to the internet, wherever you are!

Personal Laptop or Tablet

Your laptop or tablet is the heart of conducting business while traveling. You’ll want to bring along either device that has the ability to sync to your company’s network. Though this will be different than working on a computer at the office, smaller laptops and tablets are much easier to transport and store. However, it is important to ensure that your device has the capacity to connect with others in your destination country; additionally, you should consider your presentation needs, as you might need to use your computer to display information during meetings.

Satellite Phone

We bring our smartphones with us everywhere we go, of course, you would not go overseas without it. However, it is likely that the foreign destination you are traveling to will have the same cell towers, making your personal or business phone more or less meaningless. Instead of contacting your carrier to figure out an internationally plan that will likely cost you more than anticipated, you should look into investing or renting a satellite phone. Sat phones are extremely durable, not to mention budget-friendly, and you don’t have to commit to a pricey extended international plan if you only need it for a week or two.

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