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Cobham Explorer 727
Cobham Explorer 727

Cobham Explorer 727

Cobham Vehicular BGAN satellite terminal
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Part Number: INM-T&T-727
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Cobham EXPLORER 727 Vehicular BGAN
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Inmarsat I-4 Satellite Coverage for Inmarsat IsatHub Coverage

The Cobham EXPLORER 727 gives your land vehicle access to Inmarsat BGAN services even while in motion. A fully integrated electronic tracking antenna gives you internet access, streaming IP data, and voice communications over satellite while on the move.


  • Fully integrated electronic tracking antenna

  • Access to streaming IP data and voice communications

  • Access to Inmarsat BGAN services while on the move

  • Includes an IP voice handset and a standard RJ-11 phone port

This system includes an IP voice handset with a cradle and a standard RJ-11 phone port for use with conventional phones. The Cobham EXPLORER 727 runs on both 12 VDC and 24 VDC vehicle power. Purchase your vehicular BGAN terminal at Outfitter Satellite today.


  • Standard Data: up to 432 kbps

  • Streaming IP Data (QoS): up to 256 kbps**

  • Standard Voice (4 kbps quality)

  • Premium Voice (ISDN 3.1 KHz audio*)

  • Fax (ISDN 3.1 KHz audio*)

  • ISDN* UDI/RDI 64kbps and 56 kbps

Service Plans:

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* This service only supported above 15 degrees elevation.
** Streaming IP data is only necessary if a guaranteed data rate is needed. Typically this means a video or VPN application. Streaming IP data rates are only assured over the space leg from the terminal to the Inmarsat POP. After the POP it is necessary to set up a dedicated line or specialized ISDN service to assure the data rate after it leaves the POP. Please ask Outfitter Satellite about the cost of dedicated lines.

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