FlightCell Pro Satellite Interface (General Aviation)

FlightCell Pro Satellite Interface (General Aviation)

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Combine the Flightcell Pro (General Aviation) with an  Iridium 9555 handheld satellite phone or the Iridium 9555 RapidSAT Bag Phone, and you have a complete satellite phone solution that can be used with your aircraft ICS.   When you leave the aircraft, you can simply take the Iridium phone with you to ensure continued connectivity on the ground, wherever you travel.    

The FlightCell PRO lets you smoothly integrate one or more complementary communications options into an aircraft ICS, including:  
  • Cellphones 
  • Iridium satellite phones for global communication at any altitude 
  •  Military tactical radios 
Flightcell Pro is ideal for use in both private and commercial aircraft. It provides high-quality audio in high-noise environments, making handheld phones or radios usable.   Flight cell Pro also enables phones or radios to be used through a headset, leaving your hands free.   An MP3 player or other audio source can also be connected to the Flightcell Pro providing music to the headset.  Because Flightcell Pro is portable and battery powered, it enables rapid and very cost effective deployment of a handheld phone or radio in an aircraft.*

* Since there is no requirement to mount the FlightCell PRO, RapidSAT, or Iridium 9555 equipment in the aircraft, no FAA certification is required.

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