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Globalstar Sat-Fi2 RAS Plus
Globalstar Sat-Fi2 RAS+ (smartphone shown but not included)

Globalstar Sat-Fi2 RAS Plus

Part Number: Globalstar-RAS-PLUS
Please call for pricing
Globalstar Sat-Fi2 RAS+ with POTS phone
Availability: We are currently OUT OF STOCK - please check back to see if available
The Globalstar Sat-Fi2 RAS+ is designed to allow indoor or below-decks access to satellite voice, text and email communications. Users can also access compressed web content or check the weather.  Data speeds reach up to 72 kbps.  Emergency S.O.S. capabilities allow remote workers to communicate with GEOS emergency response for added peace of mind. The kit includes a POTS phone to make and receive phone calls. Up to 8 smart devices equipped with the Sat-Fi2 App can connect over Wi-Fi to the Globalstar Sat-Fi2 RAS+ to text, email, and browse the web. Service includes a US phone number and voicemail. Please call us at 615-889-8833 for more information on Sat-Fi2 service plans.

The Globalstar Sat-Fi2 RAS+ kit includes:
  • Pole-mounted satellite antenna with 32 ft cable
  • Pole-mounted GPS antenna with 30 ft cable
  • POTS Phone with converter box
  • 5-port Ethernet Switch to connect additional desktop or laptop computers

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