1. Globalstar Monthly Service Plan

Globalstar Monthly Service Plan

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Globalstar offers very affordable service with monthly bundles sizes from 100 Basic Rate minutes and up. All of the Globalstar plans shown here include a US mobile number and Voice mail. Bundled minutes do not roll to a subsequent month and only apply to Basic Rate calls as described below. All plans require a 12-month term commitment.

Best Places to Use Globalstar: Globalstar is a regional mobile satellite service that Outfitter Satellite recommends for users operating within its Primary Globalstar Service Area as indicated by the ORANGE colored areas on the coverage map (see below). While much of the Primary Globalstar Service Area is also within the Globalstar Home Zone, it is important to realize that parts of the Primary Globalstar Service Area are also outside the Home Zone (see below) where roaming fees would apply.

Home Zone, Basic Rate Calling, and International Long Distance Charges: The Globalstar Home Zone is the area inside the RED LINE on the coverage map. The Home Zone includes the continental US, Puerto Rico, and Canada and other areas as indicated on the coverage map. Basic Rate calls include calls made or received while operating the Globalstar phone inside the Home Zone while using a Globalstar gateway that is inside the Home Zone.

Additional international long distance fees will apply if a mobile-originated call is made to a public switched phone number that is outside of the Home Zone or to other Mobile Satellite Services (MSS), such as Iridium, Inmarsat, or Thuraya. The customer is advised that international long distance charges for MSS calls can be significant.

Roaming: Roaming charges apply if the phone is used while it is roaming outside the Home Zone or a call is connected through a Globalstar gateway that is outside the Home Zone. Calls made while roaming are not Basic Rate calls.

  • ORANGE indicates a Primary Globalstar Service Area.
  • YELLOW indicates Extended Globalstar Service Area where you might experience weaker signal.
  • GRAY indicates Fringe Globalstar Service Area where signal levels are weakest.

*Other terms and conditions apply. The monthly fees shown above do not include USF fees and other fees and taxes that the customer must pay. See the service agreement for complete terms and conditions. Globalstar service is a satellite radio technology subject to transmission limitations caused by type of terrain, service area limits, customer equipment use and other variable conditions including the functionality and orbital locations of the satellites themselves.